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I have teamed up with Daniel Wellington!

I always wear a watch. I like the way a watch completes an outfit. Especially, when you are a man jewelry such as bracelets and rings can quickly be too much. But imo is a watch perfect.

I love the minimalistic look – like Daniel Wellington. It’s an honor to team up with a great and big company like Daniel Wellington. I chose a Rose Gold watch in the classic Daniel Wellington look with a black strap. I love gold and I think white men should wear more gold. Maybe white men are to “scary” to wear gold? I love gold. I got gold chains and watches. Gold is great!

I got surprised when I got my packet from Daniel Wellington. I thought I “only” would receive the watch. But they had also sent me a nice bangle to – ofc in gold. It matches so well with the watch and it’s not too much. It’s super simple and minimalistic. I really like it!

In my collaboration with Daniel Wellington, they gave me an opportunity to give you guys a discount code where you can save 15% at Daniel Wellington!

The code: MATHIASB

So, if you are up to buy some present for the upcoming confirmations or if you just want some self-treatment is it a good chance to save some money right now.

The discount code will work until may 15.

Check out my products right here:

My watch

My bracelet

Check out the other watch’s here


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Wassup Fam? I’m back with a new post.

Today's post will be about The Air Jordan 1 Royal!

Yes, I know that it’s about a week ago since they released, but I have worked a lot on this post. A lot of the work because I have made my first On Feet video – so check out the video when you're done reading the post!

Let’s get into it:

I copped the Royal 1’s at I thought it would be a tuff cop but I got them already after 2-3 minutes maybe. My Saturday was saved. Thanks, God!

Nike delivered the shoes on Wednesday so that was a classic Nike delivery time. I could have paid a little more and maybe get them 1-2 days before but I think it was okay to get them after 3 working days.

I have never been so much into the 1’s. I cop the Letterman 1’s last year but sold them a few days after because I felt my foot was too big in this shoe. But I decided to go after the Royal 1’s and then hope for the best. And yes, they are perfect. Now, I don’t understand how I could not be into the 1’s.

The quality is great. The royal blue color is imo better than the 2013 release. I just think the blue color match better with the black color on the 2017 release. If you mean something else lemme know in the comment down below.

Jordan brand has released some great shoes this year but the quality hasn’t been good. Personally, I hope this Jordan 1 Royal release has led them back on track. Especially, when you look forward to the upcoming releases this year – The Pure Money 4’s and The Black Cat 3’s. Two pairs of shoes I need to cop. I need to cop! I’m really into the 3’s & 4’s. But the Jordan 3 silhouette will forever be my favor!

Check out the pictures from my shoot with the Royal 1’s. They look super good on feet!

Before you leave check out my short “On Feet” video. Use the hyperlink down below. Don’t blame me guys. It’s my first video.

Air Jordan 1 "Royal" - On Feet

Thanks for reading!




How To Start A Sneaker Collection, How To Be A Sneakerhead?

The biggest thing about starting a sneaker collection is figuring out what you like.

First of all. Don’t follow the hype. An example: the Ultra Boost from Adidas was a “normal” shoe you could cop all time. They were never sold out. Then Kanye was spotted in these, and after that, they were sold out, because of the hype. Let me get this straight ... I know that all people got some fashion icon they're looking up to, where they get their inspiration. The Ultra Boost it’s a perfect example of hype. What would the Yeezy from Adidas be without Kanye’s name? Nothing. Imo a high end looking Roshe Run.

I know there is a lot of people who bought them because they like them, but on the other hand, I’m hundred percent sure that most of the people who purchase Yeezy are because of the hype. That what ruins the game. Afterward, all the resellers who kill the game.

Stick to what you like. If, you like Jordan’s go with Jordan’s. Do you like Adidas go with Adidas. If, you like Asics go with Asics. That’s what the sneaker culture is all about. Fuck the people who say “oh, they look wack” if you like them, go with them. Go with what you like.

If you want some shoes save up. If you know, there will be releasing in two moths then skip next moths release and go with the shoes you really want.

If you got some shoes you can't buy in stores anymore, like a lot of the old Jordan retro, the Yeezy, you name it. Search for it. There is a lot of great sneaker sites. There are many sites on Facebook, some great on eBay deals. Sites like Klekt, Goat, Trendsales you know it. Take your time. Take a look every day, search for the shoe you want. If you wait, you will find the right pair for the right price. But remember:

If the deal is too good to be true – it is!

There are two different ways to be a part of the sneaker culture: You can pay rape, or you can do research. Be patient and find a steal.

If, it's possible to meet up with the seller. Maybe bring a friend if there should be some problems.

If so, you don't have the opportunities to meetup use PayPal! Always PayPal, especially if you cop some sneaks from a seller from another country. Use PayPal if you cop sneaks from eBay, Klekt, you name it.

You know there’s a few different types of sneakerheads. They’re the ones that are all about the hype. Then there are the people that just cop what they like what they think is dope! There are so many different of shoes. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not sneakerhead just because you don’t have heat. It is funny that a lot of people don’t like to be called a sneakerhead. They are just like: oh I just like shoes. No man, you’re a sneakerhead. Join the movement, join the culture.

History over hype!

// Mathias.



Buying Jordans isn't cool anymore...

I love Jordans. I wear Jordans every single day. My first pair of J’s was the Fire Red 3’s. My all time favorite sneaks will always be the Fire Red 3’s. The 3’s just got something the other sneaks doesn’t have. Personally, I hope they will remaster the Air Jordan 3 Fire Red with Nike Air Logo on the bag.

But lets get into it: Buying Jordans isn't cool anymore...

If you ask all the fuckboys or the Hypebeast guys – call them whatever you want – Jordans is dead. If you ask me Jordan is more alive than ever!

Michael Jordan has been a success since the middle of the 80’s. The most iconic sneaks have been with his name on. Nike would never have been the same if they not had signed Mike.

Nike is iconic.

Nike got the history. Even though, it is over 30 years after the first Air Jordan shoe released they still sell. Maybe some of the shoes don't sell out as they were for maybe 2-3 years ago.

Imo is it because: Bad quality & High Price

I mean.. $220 / 1500 kr for the Air Jordan 3 True Blue OG! Nike come on.

I copped those on Black Friday last year. I love the 3’s so of course. I should have those. If the leather is good and the paint is on point, then $220 / 1500 kr is a fair price. But the quality on the True Blue 3’s 2016 is bad as hell. And I don’t understand it. First of all, it was an OG sneaker the was remastering. A lot of Jordan lovers was planning to cop those. I’m sure about this: If the quality were on point, they would have sold out. Sold out overall!

I hope the 4’s Nike is planning to release this year will be with some good material. The owe the faithful supporters something good.

// Mathias



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For some weeks ago I got my pack from Junkyard - Go check them out. They got a lot of dope streetwear gear!

My three favorites items from the delivery are those items:

The Hundreds Tee - $35 / 250 kr

A really dope tee in a very good quality. The tee got a skater fit so if you want your tee be a little oversized you should go tts. (tts = true to size)

The Hundreds Hoodie - $85 / 600 kr

A super great hoodie. The hoodie got a oversized look which I like. If you want the hoodie to fit normally you should go a size down. The quality are really on point.

LES (ART)ISTS Tee - $56 / 400 kr

A tee with some great details. I really like the design. The tee fits super into my style! The quality are sick, so you get what you pay for. The fit is a little oversized so if you like the oversize fit you should go tts.

Personally, i'm super happy for those three items. Both the tees and the hoodie can go with both demin and joggers so they are super easy to style.

Go check out the items and the rest of all the dope gear Junkyard got!

// Mathias.



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How to dress like:

Scott Disick

We all got some celebrities we like and get inspiration from. In this serie "How to dress like" will I show you how to dress like some of the biggest fashion icons right now without paying a tons of cash.

In the first post it will be: Scott Disick.

Hoodie: John Elliott - $200 / 1400 dk

Denim: Saint Laurent - $595 / 4200 kr

Chelsea Boots: - $680 / 4800 kr

In total: $1475 / 10400 kr

I'll show you how you can make an outfit that look just like the outfit Scott Disick wear.

I have found all the items at ASOS and I will link all the items for you guys. If you click at brand name you'll go directly to the site where you can buy it.

Hoodie from: Jack & Jones - $50 / 350 kr

T-shirt from: Asos - $15 / 100 kr

Denim from: Asos - $40 / 280 kr

Chelsea Boots: Asos - $50 / 350 kr

In total: $155 / 1100 dk

In total you save: $1320 / 9300 dk

// Mathias.



Alright alright alright - i'm ready, lets get started!

Let me introduce myself: My name is Mathias. I'm 22 years old & I come from Denmark. I got a huge love for sneakers, especially the Jordan Brand. I'm a huge Jordan head. I got a passion for fashion tho.

My blog will primarily be about Sneakers, Fashion & Lifestyle. I will write about my sneakers and style. I'll keep you posted about everything there will come up, the newest trend and stuff like that.

I'm planning to give some guides about: how you make the perfect, how you can dress like the celebrities without paying a tons of cash and stuff like that.

I have teamed up with Junkyard

I have a giveaway for you guys. Tune into my Instagram @mathiasb_ and see how you can win the giveaway.

- Mathias.