There is nothing better than Sunday morning with pancakes...RIGHT ?! So we will need ONLY TWO ingredients !! EGGS AND BANANA. I used 2 eggs and 1 banana ! and also coconut oil. My proportions are for 6 pancakes.

SO , smashed eggs in to the mixer , blend it first and add banana after 馃槉 Remember to heat up pan before so they won't stick to it ! and after add the oil , if you don't have coconut use olive oil. Consistency should be thick. When you pour the pancakes mix into a pan , you can flip the pancakes when you see small bubbles. I prefer to fry them on the lower-medium heat. For toppings I used today : watermelon , dragon fruit and yoghurt. ENJOY !

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Hi bunnies 馃惏

Above you can see my full leg workout , focusing on the glutes / hamstrings ! All exercise are performed with dumbbells and just one with cable machine. In what order you perform those exercises - its up to you! 馃榾 

I myself like to start with the compound exercises and heaviest ones because I have full energy at the beginning and simply can perform better. I choosed high reps for this workout as I did other day heavy squats which will give your booty size, and you can use this workout to improve the shape of the glutes. 

As for amount of reps and choosing the weight remember that your brain recognises amount of intensity given rather than exact amount of reps , so its important to remember to choose appropriate weight and reps depending on your goals.

Warm up :

Cross trainer 7-10min /Speed 7-10

Method :

  1. Lunges with dumbbells : 20 -25 reps x 4 sets
  2. Sumo squat with dumbbell : 20-25 reps x 4 sets
  3. Dumbbells step up with kickbacks : 20 -25 reps x 4 sets
  4. One leg cable kickback : 16-20 reps ( each leg ) x 4 sets

Let me know what you think !!?



Hello and welcome everyone on my blog !

My name is Marta Rojek and I said to myself I will give it a go with a blogging! On this blog I would like to share with you my recipes and video workouts !

FIrst post is gonna be about my favorite favorite basil seeds pudding , you can it eat for a breakfast or later as a snack! I'm using local products while I'm in Thailand on a vacation! Basil seeds they also known as a Sabja seeds, You can use them instead of chia seeds, which are more expensive in Thailand. Basil seeds they soak much quicker then chia , with basil seeds your pudding is ready not even in a hour! Nutrition between this two is slightly different chia have more protein and fat then basil seeds.

So all you gonna need for this pudding :

Soya/almond or normal milk 200ml

Water 200ml ( I'm doing with water half half because is to sweet for me soya milk but if you like it feel free to add 400ml of milk )

Chia seeds / basil 4 tbl spoons

And your favorite toppings, you can use chocolate flakes, coconut flakes, any kind of nuts if you like. I used local dragon fruit because I absolutely love that fruit.

Add all ingredients and shake well !! Leave it for 15 min in a fridge , shake one more time and leave it! And after 30min have look if is ready !