I literally fell in love in a flower called Medinilla Magnifica. Is so beautiful and makes me so happy when I look at it.

On Wednesday I was in Borås and I was going to change car wheels, which I ordered over than one week ago, from internet.
Finally, when I got the notification, that they are waiting for me on the post, I hurried with my work just to get them as fast as possible.


I didn't expect that I will receive only three of them. One is lost somewhere in Göteborg.
I have to wait until, they will find it and send back to Boås. I am really disappointed with Postnord.

Few days ago, you asked me what I would like to get for Christmas, well I realise that answer “nothing, really” won’t be satisfying for you, so I think that Juicy Couture perfume could be a good present for me. 😉

Well, I made it very easy for you by telling you exactly what I want to, but it might be a little difficult to get that one in perfumerian stores. Good luck with it 😅🍀

Zeus became wolf 🐾

Bloguj z telefonu komórkowego - Nouw - jedna z najlepszych aplikacji do blogowania - Kliknij tutaj



I am not so stressed anymore but still it isn’t easy.

I am in a conference room, where other students are presenting their work. The school has rented this room at Chalmers university and every presentantation is looking smart and professional.

The last couple of weeks were really tough on me, unfortunately it isn’t the end yet. It is so good that you are coming this weekend. I couldn’t make it to Stockholm at the moment. It is too much on my plate now. Maybe we could bake Lussekatter together?
When I have some free time I intend to decorate our apartment for Christmas. I have a couple of ideas already.

I was thinking that you could invite Jessper and his gf and I would call for Monika and her bf.

I saw how much weight you lost. It is very impressive. My goal is to lose 8kg - I set a deadline for June.

I forgot to tell you. You received Västtrafik bus card for 2 weeks, so I took it:) And I did well, because I met ticket inspectors that day.




Why is time passing so quickly these days?

It’s already Monday... I promised myself that I will be posting something at least once a week but it’s really hard to do it. I am in the bus right now, on my way to work. I have a few minutes, so I will try to use it productively.

I guess that you are wonder how was my last week?
Well, it was even good. On Monday I went to school and work, as you know I am taking care of Polish lady. But I am not sure if I can call it work. It’s more like a pleasure.

She is so nice and kind. I suppose to help her with the food preparation but so far it’s she who do the meals for me!

On Tuesday nothing really happened. I just make a chicken soup called “rosół” in polish language ;)
Was tasty, really trust me. ;)

On Wednesday after school I went with Henryka to Salluhallen, so she could buy some food.
I picked up my car from mechanic, and I decided to not fix it because this guy is imposter. He just wanted to earn money on me :/
In the afternoon I visited your parents because your mom invited me for a dinner. Unfortunately she couldn’t stay so long because Alex asked her to pick him up from Öckrö. (Btw he isn’t a Rex owner anymore, it’s Willma)
In the evening I made a laundry, cleaned apartment and I drive to Borås.

On Thursday I was working a whole day

On Friday I was studying, and trying to finish my IA’s

During weekend I helped mom with work, and we chilled with a glass of wine. Actually whole this time I was in Borås.

Alright, I have to go now.
I will tell you more later
Bye my soldier ❤️



20.10.2017 Thursday

Again long day in school.

But this day was one of the better days I had. I finally understood what is going on in math classes.

I solved equations very fast and with good results.

Later on Biology, I finally finished my lab experiment for IA.

And what was the best part of this school day was that some people came to the school and they were selling student caps. I made me quite excited because I started to think about "Studenten" and tthe end of the school. I realized that it is only couple of months left and then I graduate! Isn’t exciting?

I thought that it might be a good idea for us to do something together and start planning how could we celebrate it? What do you think?

Puss och kram!



19.09.2017 Thursday

Yesterday, Monika asked me to come with Zeus to her place. So after school, I took the car and I drove to visit her. The way to Angared was really easy, I don’t know why I was so afraid to drive to new places. I started to learn how to use GPS, it’s going well but I am still struggling with it. On the way back, I didn’t notice a turn left so I drove more than 6 km straight but later I found the right way back.

Monica's apartment is very big. It looks very similar to your parent's apartment. To be honest, she is like your mother’s copy. In her apartment, there are so many things for her dog. She is talking about dogs all the time and what is more, she wears similar clothes as Susanne. And here I mean the special jacket for dogs owners.

The best thing in her apartment is a huge balcony. She uses it as a playground for her dog. So Zeus and Demon had a lot of fun there. The dogs were getting along very well, better than at our place




It's Wednesday already. These days went really fast.

Monday started at 6 am. I walked Zeus, ate some breakfast and went to school. I was there at 8 to 17. At 18 I arrived home. I felt really tired but I walked Zeus anyway and then I made a dinner.

I started reading a new lecture for English called “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams. I don’t have an opinion yet.

In the evening I went with your mom and dogs for the last walk. I told her that we are planning to travel to Poland during Christmas but she didn’t seem happy. She said already that you will be tired and you will like to stay at home only. Well, I hope no.

One of my friends from Swedish class invited me for a birthday party. I don’t know if I am going there. It may be fun. But it depends on how I will feel because right now I am having a cold.




We’ve been waiting so long for this day. On Sunday we began a new chapter in our lives.

From now you will be able to experience something completely different than before.

The idea of this blog is to show you how my life will look when you are not next to me.

Fistful I would like you to know that I don’t blame you for leaving me alone.

I am happy that you fulfill your dreams. I am aware how much being a soldier means to you.

So, know that I’ll be waiting for you.

On Sunday I, mom, dad, and Zeus went with you to the central station in Göteborg to say goodbye to you.

The train was really long, it was hard to find your place. We lost approximately 20 minutes just looking for it.

It wasn’t one of the saddest moments in our relationship, but after the train left at 14.25, my eyes filled with tears.

The way back home was weird. Your parents didn’t say almost anything. There was complete silence in the car. And when I arrived home it felt empty. I decided to start doing something not to think about this situation, not to feel more depressed. So I decided to clean our apartment. It took 6 hours for me.

The first night alone was horrible. I couldn't fall asleep. The feeling of sadness hung in the air. At least Zeus was with me.