Three days in Bangkok

We spent the last three days of our vacation in Bangkok. Since we had a stopover in Bangkok on our way home it was a good opportunity to spend a few days to see the city. Unfortunately the bombing happened and it happened just a few days before we were traveling to Bangkok but we decided to go anyway. I think Bangkok was a big and stressful city, but it was still nice to experience the city. Since it was only a few days after the bombing, we chose to avoid the main tourist attractions. We spent our days shopping, eating thai food and walking around the city to among other places Lumini park which is Bangkok's central park. The first night we had dinner at the balcony at Baiyoke Sky Hotel which is the tallest building in Bangkok. The panorama view was amazing and after dinner we went to the roof top bar. If you are planning to visit Bangkok I would recommend dinner at Baiyoke Sky hotel but choose to sit outside on the balcony. Another ting about Bangkok is the traffic, it takes a lot of time to get around. Also, if you want to take a Tuk Tuk, be prepared that they will try to fool you. If they ask if they can stop somewhere on the way, do not say yes if you don`t have an hour or more to spare. It was often difficult to explain where we were going even though we had the hotel name and address with us. A piece of advice is to have the hotel address written in Thai with you.
Over to you! Have you been to Bangkok? Any recommendations on things to do in Bangkok?
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