Life in LA lately

Time go fast when you have fun and it almost looks like I forgot about my blog. Well, I have not and I have a lot of pictures to share. My friend who I traveled to Los Angeles with did not feel well and went back home to Norway. Luckily we managed to have a lot of fun in three weeks, I just hope she feels better soon. I have some other friends who is in LA and have spent the last week with them and some new friends.
After a month in Los Angeles I moved out from our apartment in West Hollywood. My friend Ida is coming to LA and we are renting another apartment in Beverly Hills. New apartment means new street, and its easy to see why LA is called the city of palm trees.

I`m so happy to have Ida in LA with me, it`s her first time in California and that means it`s time to explore the city!

  • Reise