Exploring the secrets of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a small island but it's absolutely worth to take a tour around the island to explore the attractions the island has to offer. We went on a jeep safari called the secrets of Cape Verde where we visited all the unique places on the island. It took four hours to drive around the island and we got to visit the small town Murdeira, the harbor city Palmeira and the capital Espargos where most of the people on the island live. We also got to see a lot of nature as we drove along the coast and stopped at several different places both by the coast and in the desert. One place we visited was Buracona where we got to see the high waves against the black cliffs and where you, a few times a year, can experience the natural phenomenon called "The blue eye". We didn't experience this phenomenon but it's suppose to, when the sun reaches a certain position in the sky, make the water in the lagoon sparkling and blue almost like an eye. We also made a stop in the desert where we got to see desert mirages that gives the impression of being a shimmering sea when it's actually no water there. The last stop of the tour was the salt pools at Pedra de Luma. The water is so salty that you can only stay in for maximum 15 minutes, and they say that if you don't wash off the salt in 24 hours your skin can look up to then years younger.

Here are some pictures from our tour around the island.
I'm also making a video diary from Cape Verde that I am going to post on the blog soon.
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it still looks very sauvage, rough, it is beautiful! great pictures. another place to add to my wanderlust list!!(: xx from Brighton Cate ღ kate/idoscope | youtube
Rosalyn O.,
Beautiful place! It would have been nice to see the 'blue eye' in pictures! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos <3
Elaina O' Brien,
looks like heaven! So much beautiful blues everywhere, lovely photos! 😊
Maria Sagvik,
Thank you Caterina 😊 You should go there! I will also publish a travel guide and a video diary shortly 😊
Maria Sagvik,
Thank you Rosalyn 😊 I wish I saw the blue eye sparkle but I didn't, that's why I did not post any pictures from it. I do have a picture from the lagoon that I will add to this post later today so you can see where it suppose to happen 😊
Maria Sagvik,
Thank you so much Elaina! 😊