Desert safari in Dubai

When I visited Dubai one of the things I was most excited about was to go on desert safari. Desert safari is one of Dubai`s most popular activities and the evening desert safari which we went on is the most popular. We got picked up at our hotel and drove to the desert where we drove at the sand dunes across the desert and stopped to watch the sunset. After diving in the desert for about an hour we had dinner under the starts in the desert. It was a buffet dinner with barbecue, drinks and show with belly dancing and traditional costumes. After the show we could see camels on top of a sand dune and those who wanted to ride a camel got the opportunity to do so. It was very exciting to go on the desert safari i Dubai and if you are going to Dubai I would recommend it. If you don`t like to go so fast at the sand dunes just tell your driver and they slow down and dive as you want them to. To be honest I wish they drove even faster. You can also explore the desert by hot air balloon, camel ride, quad ride or sand boarding. Next time I go to to Dubai I will definitely try hot air balloon and sand boarding! If you want to go to the Desert go in the winter (november to April) because in the summer it about 50 degrees.
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