Best travel moments of 2015

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”. While I'm looking back at the places I've visited in 2015 and appreciating a lot of great moments I wanted to share my best travel moments of 2015. I started the year with seven great weeks in Los Angeles and ended the year in Cape Verde celebrating New Year's Eve, and in between I got a marketing job for a travel agency. Definitely some of the best moments this year! What are your best travel moments this year and do you have any exciting travel plans for 2016?

Here are my best moments of 2015.

Starting the year in my favorite city - Los Angeles

  • While it's winter at home there are few things I appreciate more than summer and palm trees. Just starting every morning with a hike, green juices at Earth Bar, afternoon shopping and exploring a city I can't get enough of. Pure bliss!

Beautiful surroundings in Laguna Beach

  • I expected Laguna Beach to be sunny with long beaches and palm trees and it definitely was! When I got there my friend and I spent hours just walking around taking pictures and drinking wine while enjoying the view. We had a moment where we really just appreciated the surroundings.

After five weeks in LA my friend Ida came to spend two weeks and to celebrate my birthday.

  • After not having seen each other for weeks my friend Ida came to LA. We were just jumping up and down hugging and almost crying. It was a moment I'm not going to forget!

Surfing for the first time

  • Waves travel thousands of miles.. don't let them die in vain.. Fun fun fun!

I love the norwegian summer. It's the best day of the year.

  • I couldn't make a list of best travel moments without mentioning Norway. Although I'm not so found of the winter, the summer is great for small trips. A great weekend trip this year was to Farris Bad which is a spa hotel in Larvik. A perfect weekend trip just relaxing at the spa, who doesn't like that?

The land of smiles

  • I had a great trip to Phuket in Thailand with my boyfriend. Sun, beach and coconut drinks, perfect!

Exploring the Phi Phi Islands

  • After my last trip to Thailand where I didn't get the time to visit the Phi Phi Islands I was really excited to finally visit the Islands. It was even more beautiful than I thought. I also made a vide diary from the Phi Phi Islands. Have you seen it yet? Check it out here.

"Once a year, go someplace you've never been before"

  • Dubai has been on my wish list for a while and it was everything I expected. I could not pick a moment because it is the combination of beaches, skyscrapers and desert safaris that makes this city an adventure.

Celebrating New Year's Eve with my toes in the sand

  • This year's last moment definitely makes the list.

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Maria! Wandervibe er den eneste bloggen jeg følger:D Mange fine bilder og reisetips! Bloggen din får meg til å drømme meg bort til nye steder! Gleder meg til å realisere noen av de, da vet jeg hvem jeg skal kontakte:D
Maria Sagvik,
Takk Henrikke, det var veldig hyggelig 😊 Ja, jeg synes vi må ta en reise sammen snart! Jeg er med 😃
Sharon Hoover,
So to read about your travels! I too love the journey and places to go.
Sounds like a great 2015! I lived in Los Angeles area for many years and do enjoy visiting as a tourist 😊 Much more exciting than living there. . I loved it and I like the comment “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”, we try to do that. I was extremely excited that I was able to someplace I had never been New York. Thanks for a great post.
Renates Reiser,
Det både ser og høres ut som 2015 var et riktig flott reiseår for deg! Nydelige bilder 😊 Håper 2016 blir like spennende!
Maria Sagvik,
Takk for det Renate 😊 Ja, jeg håper på mange spennende reiser i 2016 også! Sjekket ut bloggen din. Veldig fin blogg med mange fine bilder og innlegg som jeg kommer til å følge med på videre 😊