Best restaurants in Cape Verde

Here are my favorite restaurants in Cape Verde. On the Islands you can find many types of cuisines but it's typically a mixture of Portuguese and African flavors. They serve a lot of freshly caught seafood such as tuna and lobster, and you can find several restaurants serving international cuisine such as Italian and american dishes. My favorite was definitely the seafood which is cooked straight from the sea. During a week we managed to try most of the restaurants in the Santa Maria area on the Island Sal. Here are my favorite restaurants and a charming local Caipirinha Bar on the beach which has been in business for nine years, which is impressive when you see it (picture below).

Restaurante Odjo d'Àgua
This was my favorite restaurant in Cape Verde. Restaurante Odjo d'Àgua is located at the end of Santa Maria beach and you have a great view of the ocean and the beach. My favorite dishes was the tuna tartar and tuna curry.
Beach Club Restaurant
Located at the beach this restaurants is the perfect lunch place. My favorite are fish from the grill, especially the tuna. Tuna is a specialty at Cape Verde.
Palm Beach Restaurant
The food is good and simple, and the restaurant is located at the beach with bamboo tables and chairs. Here you can have lunch or dinner with your toes in the sand. My favorite was the grilled tuna and chicken but the pizza also looks great. I have gluten allergy, if not I would have tried the pizza.
Cretcheu restaurant
This is also a beach restaurant located close to the main street in Santa Maria. They have a lot of lobster dishes which is their specialty. My favorite was the grilled lobster.
I haven't photographed all of the restaurants I visited but another restaurant I recommend is the restaurant Atlantis located right next to our hotel at the Santa Maria beach. We was also recommended to eat at the restaurant Chez Pastis which is a small restaurant close to the main street in Santa Maria but we did not have time to try it. This restaurant is so popular that you have to make an reservation two days in advance.
Also this small caipirinha bar is worth a visit. They are known to have the best caipirinhas on the Island and it's very popular. They have been in business for nine years serving only caipirinhas.

Do you have any restaurants you recommend in Santa Maria? Leave a comment.
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