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My last evening of the holiday ended up in a very awaited meeting. If I'm lucky we maybe happen to be in Paris at the same time, in less than 2 weeks. I'm glad my mini vacation, spent in several places, ended in Switzerland in great company. There is truly something I love with Switzerland, Im a very fond of both Geneva and Zürich. Geneva, a bit more, that they speak French is a plus. Not that I in this moment understand anything, but I love the language and figuring out how I can be able to learn some of it before a possible move to Paris is current. I love the tranquility and ambience there, it provides a calm that I need. I can't stop dreaming about my hopefully next move to Paris. It's just a thousand things on my mind these days, dreams, reality, life. I wanna be everywhere, all the time. I can not see myself with a classic everyday life in the future, nor either in Sweden. Although I am studying at the university that I for a long time dreamed of, I can not wait until I'm finished. May take me some sort of work, obtain a temporary or perhaps even permanent residence to be my base for a while, get myself a pug. Work hard, fall in love and just see what life brings me. In general, my worst trait is my poor patience. Have tried to work on it but without any success, now I therefore gonna do my pilates at home this evening, turn of my phone, read a book, then go to bed. Since I don't do ballet anymore, I find pilates as the perfect replacement mixed with some yoga.
Art from a gallery in Geneva yesterday.



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