Retail theraphy in Roma

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Spanish steps
Max Mara, Could there possibly be a better place to find coats? I don't think so, I have this little obsession about their coats and ofcourse I had a visit in the shop to dream about a next future purchase. A cold humid winter is waitng around the corner, and I don't want to get sick..
Louis Vuitton, I like the new idea of selling the straps separated, a great accessory too give new life to a bag, LV and Fendi has the niecest ones I've seen so far, but I'm stil looking around for a nice and versatile one that I can use for some of my bags.


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But most important of all, my purpose of the trip, a visit at Hermès.
The weather in the afternoon became gray and the sky was falling down, so I went for a detox smoothie and veggie burger at Ginger e sapori. They had a great and fresh selection on their menu, good place to recharge the batteries and rest my feets before I continued my little pleasure trip and took the train to Firenze..Ginger sapori e salute[/caption]

Location: Via Borgognona, 43-46, Roma