Goals for my spring 2016


After a period that has not been my best, I start to slowly get back on track again. Starting tomorrow, Monday. Not just because it's a new weekstart. But for the reason that I feel much better again, it started when I woke up this morning and felt so much more alive than I've done in a while. That's a feeling I want to keep.
To celebrate my health and that it hopefully will continue.
I met up with Raphael for a little Sunday hangout.
(More creativity from us, you will find at our blog fashionjetlag.com, It's still under construction)

Upcoming milestones for a happier little fresh start for myself in the spring will be to:

  • Start at the Hard Candy Fitness, Madonna's gym here in Milan.
  • Start the day with 30 minutes of jogging or power walking in Parco Sempione.
  • Eat more vegan food (excludes, however, some fish but, oysters, caviar,lobster and shrimps)
  • Turn up my personal best in grades for my last semester at Istituto Marangoni
  • Travel more and more often. After all, I'm living in Milan and many of my dream destination is just an hour's drive away.
  • Buy a pretty bicycle