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Charlotte Davidsen
My name is Charlotte Davidsen and I'm a student at Copenhagen Business School. I'm currently enrolled in a course called Luxury Management and Marketing where we are learning not only about how to manage and market luxury goods, but also understanding the difference between "arts," "crafts," and "luxury" and the different partnerships generated between companies, artists, and individuals. Our assignment for the semester is to investigate luxury goods here in Copenhagen and my group (a group of international girls- Annchristin,Veronique, and Theres) are examining luxury goods and company collaborations through the eyes of influencers and bloggers. Our Danish friend recommended your site and we love your style! You've mastered that rare combination of effortlessness and elegance.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your style, choices, and collaborations if you would be interested in helping a few students out. Please let us know if we can treat you to a drink or a cup of coffee or if we could send you some questions via email or Skype. We would truly appreciate it- looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Emma Holst
Hej Mascha <3
Jeg har fulgt din Instagram i mange år og jeg håber min profil en dag kan blive lige så stor og populær som din:)
Jeg faldt lige over noget der hedder
Flere af mine veninder er nemlig begyndt at købe følgere. Og jeg tænker det en god ide for at komme i gang! Hvilke erfaringer har i med det?:)

Hilsen Emma

Paula Ice,
Hi, I hitchhiked from Sweden all the way to Hollywood and I met so many people, had a real adventure. I did it to make music and follow my dreams and I got to Hollywood three weeks ago and 2 days ago I released my first musicvideo. I need help sharing it and was wondering if you could help me by posting it ...

Instagram @mariakragmann