Maren stood by the mirror - So, denim shorts - looks good, but this t-shirt is horror. She rummaged in the closet and found the t-shirt she had bought only because Senara wanted so, but it turns out - she's gorgeous. - Let`s go!

When she was already there, by the number of people, she understood - it will be fun. When she drank a mute, the interest in the party was gone. Suddenly, she heard a beautiful downtempo - it began. She did not take her eyes off him until the very end.

After, she went to a small glade near his house. They loved to hide here from everyone ... Until his sudden departure...

Because of a two-week lack of sleep, even a drop of alcohol poured it down. She sat down on the grass. Realizing that today she will have to talk to him, she began to write a script in her mind. Her thoughts were interrupted by his voice.

- Hi!

She turned. He was standing with his hands in the pockets of jeans, and she felt a cold - Hi. It was great, and after it I decided to come here. I always come here if I feel happy.

- So, are you happy?

- There is little
They laughed.

Maren wanted to admit to him in everything, but then she remembered Karen's words "You're a fool! Yes, maybe you love him, but does he love you? - it is a controversial issue." So it was always when she tried to say those short three words. No, she was not afraid to say them, she was afraid that Ingrid would be right. But she still decided to try

- Kyrre, I love you, - she whispered, as if choosing an intonation

- What? He asked again. No, not mocking, just did not hear

- Kyrre, I love you. Her voice trembled and, at the same instant, she burst into tears.

Seeing the weeping Maren, Kyrre remembered a thirteen-year-old girl who once brought tea to the room where he and her cousin sat, and a second later, after the question "How was the day at school?" she burst into tears and fled into another room. Unlike a friend, Kyrre stood up and ran after her. She admitted that she was offended, she was greatly offended. He was hugging her for half an hour, trying to calm her.

So it was this time. Only the boy is not fifteen years old, but twenty-two years old. The girl is not thirteen, but twenty years old. And she does not cry on the bed in the room, but she sobs while sitting on the grass. But again in his arms. He stroked her beautiful long hair, and Maren calmed down a little.

- I love you too, Maren - he whispered to her. She looked at him. She still had tears running down her cheeks, she scarcely uttered - Oh, Kyrre...

- I really love you, Maren - he wiped away the last teardrop - Oh, sweetheart, please smile, don`t cry.

Maren smiled

- Honey I missed your smile so much - Said Kyrre and hugged her. She was trembling like that leaf from "The Last Leaf". July, but so far the evenings were for some reason cold, sometimes even too much. He took off his jacket and threw it over her shoulders.

- Thank you.

- Why did you cry?

- I was afraid

With a gentle movement, he removed the lock of hair from her face - What were you afraid of?

- Do you remember how I drove out Karen?

He smiled - It's hard to forget.

- She said: "You will return to your best friend!" - I thought that you consider me as a bitch like her. I know she really sent you those photos. I'm sure. I was frightened. I do not want to lose you. Because of this, I cried today.

- What are you talking about, Maren? When I watched you - I was happy for you, because you were freed from her serfdom. She is not interested in anyone except herself. She thought she was setting you up, but what's wrong is that you sometimes lunch with your cousin, or hug him. I would hug myself Jonas for the fact that he introduced me to his beautiful cousin - he kissed her on the cheek. She looked into his eyes, smiled and laid her head on his shoulder.

He was on her lap. They looked at each other with enamored eyes, she stroked his hair.

- You're falling asleep, sweetheart.
- No
- You fall asleep
- No, I fell asleep - they laughed
- You need to sleep
- You're right

They stood up from the grass. He took her hand and led her home.

Already close to her home, he put his arm around her waist.
- Good night beloved.

Good night, dear - they are kissed while the sun shining Hordaland sat over the horizon...

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In the morning, Maren decided that she would go to Kyrre and confess to him in her feelings. But after what happened in the courtyard, she was afraid to even look into his eyes. "He thinks I'm with her. He thinks I'm such a bitch like her. "- it was spinning in her head.

Maren burst into tears, but then Senara entered the room. They always had good relations. And in general, Maren and her sisters had a good relationship. If Maren goes for a walk - she takes the sisters. They with Senara taught Agnes to ride a bicycle at a time when everyone thought that this was a bad idea (now this is her favorite mode of transport). And this time Senara's turn came to support her sister.

- What happened? - Sister was worried. Maren nodded toward the window from which Kyrre's room was visible.
Senara went to the window.
- I see, to be honest, I heard everything.
- So what?
- Do not listen to anyone, especially Karen, otherwise you'll cry every day and more than once.
- Thank you. She hugged her sister. It seemed that her words calmed the girl.

It seemed ...

After Karen's message, she felt sick. Does her "beloved boy" remember what happened before his departure? She tried to sleep.

She seemed to be in the palace of Lord Rall from the "Legend of the Seeker". Only instead of the spiteful but handsome lord Rall on the throne sat Karen. The girl was sitting at the feet of the "queen". Her leg was chained to the throne.

The soldiers of the Dragon Corps entered the hall - the faithful servants of the queen. They are big fans of hacking heads. They led Kyrre.

- Hi, I have not seen you for a while. What have I done wrong this time? Or do you really miss me?

- What kind of arrogance? Who do you think you are?
- You tell me this. I can never guess the answer to this question. Who knows what's going on in your head?

Maren quietly giggled. Kyrre gently looked at her. His gaze was full of regret and desire to help. He winked at her.

- What do you allow yourself? Have you forgotten who you belong to? Who allowed you to look at my maid?
- Karen, calm down. Can you imagine what would happen if I did something like this every time you "look" at others?
- Enough! Enough! Maren, get rid of him!

The girl threw herself at the feet of Lady - No! Do not do this!

- Maren, do what you're told!
- Please. I will do everything you want!
- Do not make me angry
- I implore you. Better kill me, but leave him!

Maren tried to prevent this, but she was only a fragile girl whose hands and feet were in chained chains. There were two warriors against her, who had been taught to kill from early childhood. A minute later she sobbed over the lifeless body of her beloved. Karen was pleased, and Maren looked at the chain, which until recently was on Kyrre`s neck and already dreamed that the spiteful mistress would put the same chain on her neck.

She woke up and realized that she had seen the most terrible dream in her life. She began to cry and did not sleep.

So lasted two weeks. She thought that because of what had happened in the courtyard, she could not even dream of a future with Kyrre. This thought, like a communist ideology, once took root in the girl's head and controlled her. At her request, Senara, all the questions of mother about the state of the girl simply answered "Do not worry, everything's fine."

But one day she met Myles...

- Maren! How long have I not seen you. How are you?
- Hi! I'm fine, how are you?
- Okay too
- How is Kyrre? - she asked timidly.
- Alive and well. Oh by the way, I almost forgot - come to the party tomorrow
- I will be very glad.

That night, Maren did not cry, but she did not sleep either. What will I tell him? ... What will he say? ... Will he talk to me? The only way to get an answer is to go to a party



While the girls quarreled, Kyrre came to a friend and told everything that happened after the performance.

- That is, while you were playing on the second floor, she ..
- Yes, you understood correctly
- she is a bitch
- But for some reason I do not care
- In what sense?

- When I saw Maren, I was very happy, and when I saw Karen with that guy ... You know, I'm just used to her behavior.

- Do you still love her?
- Who are you talking about?
- I'm talking about Karen
Kyrre thought - No.

- Is there anyone else?
- Why do you think so?
- You asked me who I'm talking about?

- Calm down, I'm tired.
- And yet, is there someone?
- Leave me alone.

- I see. It's boring. Since in the near future we have nothing serious planned, let's see the film?
- There is one TV series "Once upon a time", Maren and I watched it.
- And?
- Interesting. Did you know that the father of the grandson of Snow White is Rumpelstiltshen's son.
- You're right, it's interesting. Let's watch.- laughed Myles.

They were already ready to watch and Kyrre received a message from the long-bored bitch Karen: "I understand, you think I'm the I am the creation of hell. Good. Keep on hating me, but know that your Maren is not an angel to." There are several photos attached to the message, where Maren gently embraces a guy.

Tired, he threw the phone on the table - Oh my God, I'm sick.
Seeing the photos, Myles tried to find out what was going on, but Kyrre was silent.

That evening, Maren received a screen from her ex-friend and the signature: "This lovely message with the same lovely photos was received by your beloved boy. Which one of us deceives him?"



- How did it happen? How? - Karen was angry.
- Karen, I thought it was a bad idea and ...
- I know, I'm just going to apologize and everything will be fine as before. It's simple.

- Enough - whispered Maren

- What? Did you say something?
- Enough!
- What are you Platou about?
- Stop torturing him!
- I don`t understand you

- You'll apologize, but what happens next? Will you run again to Jonas, Stefan, Fred, Ragnar, or who else? Who else is replacing Kyrre for you?

- With Ragnar was cool
- Stop! Because of you, two friends almost quarreled!
- Calm down, crazy!

- You're always deceiving him. Did you ever think about the fact that it's offened? You say that everything will be as before, and you noticed that nothing is already there? You've lost his confidence, but still you're hoping for something. - Maren started to cry.

- Wait, are you crying because of him? You are crazy? There is no such person in the world who can really love him.

- I'm that person, I am!

- You're a fool! Yes, maybe you love him - laughed Karen - But does he love you? - it is a controversial issue.

Maren could not stand it - Go out! - she took her by the elbow and led her out into the street - Go out!

Elvise began to bark heavily, which frightened Karen and she stepped on Malicha and went, went. Like the Avengers, they attacked the girl. - Here it is the support of friends - thought Maren

- You will return to your best friend!

- Go away, I'm sick of you!
- Is it because of me? And not because of your meetings at home with Кolin? - Karen smiles pretty.
Maren turned around and saw behind her ex-friend Kyrre. He looked at this picture with condemnation

- Oh no! - thought Maren, and she immediately had a strong desire to run away.

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Perfom Kyrre began at 8 pm. Maren arrived at 7 pm. She was sitting at a table, drinking tea in anticipation of the beautiful. Gradually began to converge other people who want to relax. Among them, she noticed Myles

- Oh, hi, nice to see you - glad Miles

- Hi, I'm also glad to see you.

- I hope, you like it.

- I'm sure.

As promised, at 8 pm Kyrre began to play. He played both familiar tracks, and new ones, apparently over them he worked this week.

- Summer, evening, Sunday, favorite restaurant, warm tea and a tropical house ... what could be better - thought Maren

After finishing, when all were gone, Kyrre approached her
- Hi
- Hi
- Thank you for being here today, Karen was sick.
Is she called that? - Maren thought - Thanks for the "Firestone" yesterday morning
- This is thanks to you for "Firestone"

They laughed.
- Let me take you home.
- I will be very grateful

They sat and drank tea. She admired the city. For a moment it seemed that nothing in the world could spoil this evening.

For a moment…

It seemed ...

When Maren went down, she saw Karen and Fred. They kissed. The girl wanted to return, so that Kyrre did not see this. But it was too late. When she turned, he stood motionless and looked directly at Karen.

"Thank you for being here today, Maren." He raised his voice so that a sneaky traitor would notice his presence.

When they were already leaving, he hurried closer to Karen - Now, I hope, the end?

The only thing she allowed herself was to look after him. She saw him put Maren in the car and then she had a new goal - No, darling, we're not done yet, she thought, drinking wine.

On the way home, friends were accompanied by the wonderful creation of Armin van Buren "Intense"

- Thank you for being here today.

- Thank you for a wonderful evening - Maren said, picking up Malicha - Goodnight.

- Goodnight – Kyrre smiled.​




For him, "Firestone" is a song in his debut album "Cloud nine". For her, "Firestone" is a wonderful memory of the night when she fell asleep on the floor, this is an amazing memory of the day in the studio. The most important thing is next to him. They had not seen each other for a week. She missed him. But did he miss her? That Saturday`s morning she realized - yes, he missed her.

In the morning she received the message: "When I listen to it, I remember you". The message is attached to an audio recording - "Firestone"
Unexpectedly (as always) Karen came in
- Hi!
- Hi Karen!
- What are you plans for tomorrow?
- Agnes and I wanted to choose a cat
- Clear. You knew, tomorrow Kyrre performs in the "Northern Lights"
- Wow. You will go?
- What a question, Maren ... of course not. Tomorrow I have a date with Fred.

- Fred?

- I did not tell you? He's from England...

- But what about Kyrre?

- Forget about Kyrre, he is idiot who thinks he can achieve something. Already the fact that our meeting with Fred will be held in the "Northern Lights" makes him an idiot. - Suddenly, someone called her - Yes, dear, I'm waiting, there's no change of mind, tomorrow I'll see you. Kisses.

Maren was terrified, listening to Karen. How can she? Gradually, she begins to understand why Kyrre has been indifferent to this girl lately.

To calm down, she turned on the "Firestone"

- Well, in fact, he has already achieved something - thought Maren, listening to the music of Kyrre, whom the whole world knows as Kygo.

- Senara - she called to her sister.
- What?
- Can you tomorrow instead of me go with Agnes to choose a cat? I have other plans
- Oh sure. At one condition.
- What exactly?

- May I call her Malicha?
- Malicha? Yeah. It`s good name
- Thank you.




Hi! Surviving this week and a terribly difficult Friday, I finally enjoy my weekend. As soon as I got home, I made tea and received a small dose of positive from my space cats Mars and Jupiter - two guys in whole world who really love me (and no one can say that it is not). While I was waiting for an unexpected update for Windows, which should be installed on my computer, in my wish list next to the articles "Wedding of my favorite couple" and "Successfully take exams" "To have hot tea in a big cup never ended".

And now I want to share with you another part of the story about my favorite couple I mentioned just above. I hope you will enjoy.

Enjoy the weekend!

"Firestone" for breakfast

At school, and now, at the university, Karen was a star, people like Maren were her retinue. But Maren was in the role of a beloved servant. Telling her something that she expected support (you're the best), joy (I'm so happy for you) and nothing more. She, to put it mildly, forbade to discuss anything in her presence, except her successes and relations with Kyrre. Today, heading to the house of the Platоu, she was expecting congratulations on reconciliation (With what?) When she entered the room, Maren abruptly put her laptop down,

- What are you doing? - asked Karen.

- Hi!, nothing.

- Hi. - She, as a strict mother, took the laptop from her friend. Maren watched the photos from yesterday's party and just stopped by them with Kyrre photo.

- It was yesterday?

- Yes

- It was fun, but you quickly left. What happened?

I could not watch you torment him. - thought Maren. - I was very tired. It turns out that it's not very easy to record music. - she laughed.

- Oh, yes, you were with him yesterday in the studio. Thank you for having supported him instead of me. I could not come, you know, we were in a quarrel for a while, but everything is in order, we are happy, as before.

- Yes, but as far as I remember, he did not answer.

- The main thing is not "answered" or "did not answer", and most importantly, how he looked at me.

- Yes, of course, he looked and prayed for the evil ones to take you - angry Maren

Suddenly the bell rang. Maren realized that this was not Kyrre (at that moment it was important). Karen left.

Maren looked at the photo. At that moment, she wanted to return what was before his sudden departure four years ago.



- I can't believe, tomorrow we will do it. - Myles said.

- Yes, it was hard, but we have almost finished.

- By the way, when did you finish it. Just a couple of days ago, you were ready to give up this idea. What changed?

- I was helped by a friend ... no, not so - it was completed by my friend.

- Who is it? When did it happen? I know her?

- Do not ask a lot of questions, we still have a lot of work

- Оk

The next day, Myles was already in the studio, but Kyrre was late. Suddenly the doors opened and he entered.

- Finally, you came.

- Yesterday you asked a lot of questions. I brought the answer - he looked to the side - Come on, do not be afraid, they do not bite - he looked at Myles - I think - and again turned away -In any case, you have me.

Timidly walked Maren. Kyrre looked at his friends - this is Maren Platou - my friend, neighbor and just a good girl.

- Hi, I'm Myles Shear. Almost everyone calls me Manager Myles, but for friends I'm just Myles.

- Nice to meet you. - still smiled timidly Maren

When all the gathered work began. It was fun and it was great. And in the evening they decided to celebrate. The fun interrupted the appearance of Karen.

- Kyrre, dear, forgive me, I was so stupid, I can not live without you, let's start all over again. I realize my mistake, but I do not want to lose you. - without waiting for an answer, she embraced him, as if her life depended on it. He did not pay attention. Such apologies were no longer valid. Kyrre is used to the fact that Karen first rides with someone, and then can not live without him. His only dream was to break with her, and so that she understood it.

Maren hoped that no one would notice her absence and fled - What happened with me? Oh God, I ... - closing herself in her room, she began to cry. She confessed to herself - She fell in love with Kyrre! Again?



When Kyrre woke up, he immediately noticed Maren. For some reason, he was pleased with her presence. Here. Next to him. Suddenly he felt ashamed. Why did not he take care of her, just as she took care of him? He took her in his arms - This is an angel? What are you talking about, Kyrre? - unexpectedly for himself, he kissed her - What am I doing? Why am I now afraid? I'm afraid that this angel who yesterday, at my request, stayed here, who slept next to me, on the floor, who, like me, listens to Avicii - this beautiful angel is about to wake up. He carefully placed it on the bed and covered her with a blanket.

Returning to the sofa, he noticed a copybook for music, music on it and the inscription "What if Firestone is will be look like that?" He took the notebook, looked at the sleeping Maren, smiled. He grabbed the headphone cord into the synthesizer and started playing. - Yes, that's it. God, Maren Platоu is really an angel. - putting on the headphones, he decided to somehow thank her.

Waking up in Kyrre's bed, Maren was at first scared - Where am I? Oh God, what am I doing here? - She forgot everything. The only thing she remembered was how she suggested to her friend to look "Once upon a time"

Kyrre returned - Oh, my angel woke up.

- WHAT?! In the sense of an angel? - Maren was frightened.

- You are right, this is what "Firestone" must be like. Drink tea, this is the only thing that came into my head after the question of how to thank you.

Tea resumed her memory, and she remembered that it was after the "Once Upon a Time" - I'm glad you liked it.



III Part is ready for reading. I hope you will like it.

Everybody went home. Maren helped Jenny eliminate the consequences of the party.
- Well, that's all, I went home. - Maren said

- Stay, it's too late. I wanted to see a good TV series. Well, tell me, do not you think that you'll be afraid to be alone at home.

Maren wanted to leave, but suddenly Kyrre turned into a cat from "Shrek", and she decided to stay.

They watched the TV series, and at the same time Kair worked. At the end of the 4th series, he fell asleep, and Maren decided to cover him with a blanket. Picking up the laptop, she noticed an open tab. It was his project, or rather, a new track. Then she remembered those few years when she was studying at a music school.

Like Kyrre.

Piano Class.

Like Kyrre.

Why only a couple of years - she will not remember. But she will never forget what she was taught there. She rummaged in his desk and found a notebook for music. Unexpectedly for herself, she began writing music. Mentally played them in her head. It was good. And so, sitting on the floor, next to the sofa on which Kyrre slept, she wrote the ending. But the end of what? What did he create? Looking at the tab, she saw "Firestone". For some reason, at that moment she wanted to wake him up, she put her hand on his arm, but then changed her mind - Let him sleep. She changed her mind, but her hand stuck, as if glued with glue.