Abu Dhabi

I’ve spent a week in Abu Dhabi visiting friends and it’s been really amazing! There’s so much to do here and the time flies! I’ve taken a walk along the Corniche Beach, it’s very long, but you have the beach on one side and the high skyscrapers on the other side and it’s nice to just look around. Visiting Qasr Al Hosn was about understanding the history and origin of Abu Dhabi. It was really cool to see the timeline from just desert to this developed one modern city! The Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque was just beautiful and really really big! It was interesting to hear about the design and prayer rituals. For New Years Eve we went to Yas Marina where we danced and watched the fire works, before going home and again celebrating the New Year in Europe! I went on a desert safari, the Al Khatim Desert, and I had soooo much fun! First you’re driven through the desert in a 4*4 car and it’s like going on a rollercoaster! Then I got to ride a camel a short distance before getting a henna tattoo and enjoying a dinner while watching a belly dancing show! The Louvre was special, especially the dome and the sunset! I also went to the Etihad towers and their Observation Deck for lunch. From here you can see the whole city, the view is just stunning! I also thought it was cool since they shot some scenes for Fast and Furious 7 here! I managed to see the Emirates Palace, which is just incredible. We went there to just look around and have some tea. Yesterday we went to Zaya Nurai Island and spent the whole day laying on the beach drinking some cocktails and eating tasty food just enjoying the sun and views. It was so relaxing and calm and a day well spent! Tomorrow I’m going back home. It’s been quite an eventful week and I’m so happy I got the opportunity to visit Magda and Michal, oh, and they also took me salsa dancing, which makes my trip complete! If you have the opportunity to visit Andy Dhabi, you definitely should!

  • Nära شارع الصَّدَقة - أبوظبي - Förenade Arabemiraten