What can I say, you are beautiful I recently got back to the UK from a visit to Sweden with my family and Boyfriend. We stayed and my Grandparents (Mormor &Morfar's) House in Nyköping. Yuuki and I slept in the caravan that's parked up outside the house and the rest of the family in my grandparents lovely bungalow 😊

I can honestly say out of all of the trips i've been to sweden on this was the most enjoyable! We visited Nyköping's Hus, Old (Gamla) Linköping, Habblarp Farm, Trosa, a (Badplatts) Lake, Nynäshus and Stockholm the capital! My favourute Day was when My Dad, Yuuki and I went to Trosa, Nynäshus and then a Badplatts.

I filmed my whole trip, it's split into two parts so if you're interested go and check them out they are linked down below 😄

Sweden Vlog, Part 1 • Midsummer, Salted Liquorice & Nyköping 
Sweden Vlog, Part 2 • Habblarp Farm, Trosa & Stockholm
~ Photographs ~

Here are some Photos I took on my trip! It was honestly such a lovely holiday and I'm seriously considering moving there one day!

​Hope you're having a good day 😊

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I've been slighty behind with updating this blog on my latest youtube uplaods, so I thought i'd post the most recent ones now! There will also be the regular weekly Vlog up tomoro so don't forget to go and check that out 😊

Here's the link to my channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnnOBdc7Wug7fnLDs2ip-cw

Doodle Time (Politics.. It eggcites me) • Timelapse, Illustration

Filming Videos, DnD & Art Galleries • Weekly Vlog - 51

7 Day Vegan Challenge

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Hey Guys! so I've been on Instagram for a while now, but recently I've become addicted. 😍 I frequently upload photos either of what I'm doing, vegan/ vegetarian food and also my Illustrations! Its become part of my morning routine and my night time routine! AH that's probably quite bad?! 😝

Go check it out at - mandaloouise

Here are some of my personal favourites from my own Instagram account


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So I decided to try being vegan for a week and document it!

I really enjoyed this challenge of being Vegan. In my opinion its not that different to being vegetarian you just have to cut out any animal products! Other than not being able to eat Cheese ( I LOVE CHEESE ) it was quite easy and fun :D

Here's a whole you tube video, where I recorded everything I ate during the week :) 👆👆👆

Day 1

Breakfast - Mango Chunks, Coconut Yoghurt & Sunflower Seeds

Lunch - Sweet Potato Fries & Salad: Lettuce, Leeks, Avocado, Cucumber & Cherry Tomatoes

Dinner - Ramen & Stir fry Vegetables

Day 2

Breakfast - Rice cakes with peanut butter & sliced banana

Lunch - Couscous with peppers & watercress

Snack - Strawberries & Rice cakes with peanut butter, Dried canberries & sunflower seeds

Dinner - Vegan Sushi with Soy sauce for dipping

Day 3

Breakfast - Pancakes with strawberries, bananas, sweet freedom syrup & Coffee

Lunch - Home-made fajitas, fried vegetables, Vegan cheese, avocado & home-made salsa

Snack - Strawberries & Rice cakes with peanut butter & Dried cranberries

Dinner - Baked potato, fried vegetables, dairy free butter, vegan cheese & baked beans

Day 4

Breakfast - banana

Lunch - Sweet potato fries, Salad & leftover baked beans

Snack - Strawberries & Rice cakes with peanut butter, Dried camaraderies & sunflower seeds

Dinner - Soba Noodles, Spinach, Dipping sauce & Miso soup with tofu.

Day 5

Breakfast - Rice cakes with peanut butter & Dried cranberries with a kiwi

Lunch - Rice, fried tofu & asparagus

Dinner - Vegan Korma with rice

Snack - Strawberries, Alpro Soya Chocolate milk & Pomegranate & Elderflower Jelly

Day 6

Breakfast - Banana

Lunch - Rice & leftover vegan korma

Snack - Alpro Soya Chocolate milk

Dinner - Stir-fry, Udon noodles, vegetables & mock duck

Snack - Mango chunks

Day 7

Breakfast - Vanilla soya yoghurt with strawberries & sunflower seeds

Lunch - Vegan macaroni and cheese with vegetables and spinach on top

Snack - Rice cakes with peanut butter & Dried cranberries

Dinner - Home-made vegan pizza & rocket salad

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New Forest, Country Walks & Going Vegan?! • Weekly Vlog - 50

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Surrounded by Horses, Political Art & Birthdays • Weekly Vlog - 49

Here's my latest YouTube Video! Come check it out, don't forget to like, leave a comment and subscribe!

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You want it, You wear it.
David Cameron promises bill to legalise fox hunting in the Conservative manifesto 

David Cameron has promised MPs a free vote in government time on the repeal of the ban on hunting with dogs.

As you've probably gathered from looking at the Illustration I've made on this subject, I'm against the repeal.

When it comes to these sort of political issues I'm not great at writing my thoughts down, but rather giving a visual of what I feel. I hope that comes across in my Illustrations, so please if you can share this issue and fingers crossed this does not happen!

Mirror Article - http://www.mirror.co.uk/…/david-cameron-promises-bill-legal…

Ricky Gervais Thoughts - http://www.closeronline.co.uk/…/ricky-gervais-slams-tories-…

Check out the video below it's a Time lapse on this piece and don't forget to subscribe to my channel 😊

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So I'm a Youtuber! I've been making Youtube videos for a while now, so go and check my channel out 😊 I upload weekly vlogs every Sunday and sometimes random funny collabs or time-lapse Illustrations.

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Pimento Tea Rooms

A few weeks ago, when my boyfriends parents were up for a visit, we came across this little gem of a restaurant Pimento Tea Rooms. This was a delight after not having found any kind of Vegetarian, Vegan places to eat in Lincoln previously, after living here for almost two years! My preferred route to get to Pimento Tea rooms would be through Liquorice Park, which in my opinion is far more aesthetically pleasing than the walk up Steep Hill and far less busy! Although Steephill has far more shops to offer.

At first glance its quite hidden among the many quaint little shops you find up here. It also has two entrances as it's connected to Pimento Fashions.

Once inside you have three floors to choose where you'd like to be seated. The first by the entrance, the second is after a small flight of steps, by the cash desk and kitchen area and the third is up a flight of stairs overlooking the cobbled streets outside ( If you're lucky you can get the window seat. 😉) As you can see from the pictures, the furniture is a little shabby but that for me adds to the charm. The only issue I have is that if you sit upstairs, it's very quiet and you can most certainly hear other peoples conversation going on around you.

OK firstly, how cute is this 👆👆👆

Sugar cubes in a bowl, takes me back to being at my grandmothers (Mormor's) house in Sweden and how she would keep a bowl of sugar cubes in a cupboard... being the naughty child I was, I would sneakily go and pinch one or two every so often!

I can't get over how sweet the jar of flowers with the sign is 'I'm free! Please take me home.'

Lets Talk Food 

1. Vegan Hot Chocolate - Delicious. It was rich and creamy and I love anything that comes with a biscuit 😝

2. & 3. Brie and Cranberry Toast with Salad - Other than the salad which I'm not too keen on due to the vinegary dressing it was yummy and I loved the thickly sliced bread and flaked almonds sprinkled on top.

4. Shrilankan Curry - Yuuki's (Boyfriend) choice, This was the first dish I had from Pimentos the previous time we came. Again delicious. The dish contained butter nut squash, cashews, curry sauce, rice and the same salad as the Brie and cranberry toast.

5. & 6. Scones with Jam and Clotted Cream - We may have treated ourselves at the end of the meal 😜. Scones isn't something I have very often so when I do I thoroughly enjoy them. We shared a scone between the two of us which for me was plenty but might leave some wanting more!

Hope you're having a great day 😄