Rhubarb Compote

If your garden is like mine and has rhubarb growing from every corner, then this is the perfect recipe for a quick, easy, yummy, summer dessert.


500 g rhubarb (roughly 6 stems)

150 ml sugar

1 tbsp vanilla sugar (if you have a vanilla pod then even better)

Zest from 1 Orange or lemon

2 tbsp potato flour

3-400 ml water (depends on how thick you like)

How to:

Doesnt get easier than this, blend the potato flour with water so you dont end up with little lumps, chop up all the rhubarb and throw it in a pot, combine rest of ingredients and cook until done (roughly 30 mins)

If you'd like it thicker use less water.

Rhubarb compote works perfectly with a bowl of milk, custard or icecream. If thicker, a perfect filling for cakes and pies.

What are your favourite rhubarb recipes?

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