Breakfast under 1

Depending on where in the world you live, food requirements for babies under the age of 1, can varie. 

For us it started with only breastfeeding, but by 3.5 months old we needed to introduce solids as Molly was very active, she couldn't keep the milk down. She is now 9.5 months old and eats 3 courses per day with either a bottle or breast when it's time for her naps, or her night time beauty sleep.

Being that she eats 3 courses a day, we can't just feed her the same porridge for breakfast and mush for lunch and dinner as it just ends in a stubborn baby who refuses to open her mouth. I've been experimenting with tricks and recipes which have been a huge hit, and would love to share my breakfast tricks.

I'm a big fan of smoothies for breakfast, and being as smoothies aren't enough for her, I pour into an ice cube tray, and freeze in cubes. I add 2 cubes in her morning oatmeal which keeps her full, and changes up the flavour.

Another easy, and super yummy trick is a spoonful of apple sauce, and a sprinkle of cinnamon in her morning oats. I love using @organixfood apple sauce varieties as there is much less sugar.

By having a rotation she doesn't tire as easily with the flavours and usually gobbles it all up without a fight.

Smoothie recipe:

1 can coconut milk

1 banana

1 dl frozen berries

1 dl frozen mango

(1 dl oats - optional)

What are your kids favourite breakfast recipes?

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