Baby Jogger

Having a light weight, on the go stroller has been a goal of mine now that Molly is getting older. We have a Britax Go Next which has been my dream stroller, but now when Spring is approaching and holidays are planned it was time for something simpler and easier to carry around.

In collaboration with @bonti_of_sweden and @babyjogger we received the new Baby Jogger City Tour 2.

When I went to pick up the package, I felt silly when I pulled up a large shopping cart as the box was small and compact, I couldn't believe there was a stroller in there. Its design is very smart with its easy folding, to nearly nothing, and then being able to carry it in its own carrier bag was a dream. Just that convenience alone was a huge selling point for me, since I know its always a hassle traveling with strollers.

The stroller itself is sturdy, and very smooth to drive. I've tested other "umbrella strollers" which only drive well on flat terrains as they can only drive in straight lines. But the City Tour 2 was able to handle a few bumps and I can easily manoeuvre it around.

We chose the colour slate, which in my opinion, was absolutely gorgeous. It has a high end feel, and the quality of the fabric is outstanding. Definitely a looker this one.

Add ons: We have a couple add ons which felt necessary to have. The first being a rain cover and second being the handle bar (bygel). Both the rain cover and handle bar were super easy to attach to the stroller, and the rain cover had great coverage; almost excited for the next rainfall so I can test it out.

Tips: For those with newborns, you can purchase the cot which attaches directly to the stroller.


I have a bit of a restless baby so I found the belt a bit fussy, too many parts need to click into place, and for some reason on strap tightens easier and better than the other.

Another point I noticed that when she was lying down, she could easily sit up and pull the back piece up with her. Not necessarily a negative as clearly she wants to sit, just thought it looked a bit strange.

The price is on the higher end for an umbrella stroller, but the quality and convenience makes up for that.

I am a huge fan of the Baby Jogger City Tour 2, and can strongly recommend the stroller for those looking for something low key and more compact; those who live in the city and do not require a heavy duty stroller, this is great for your new born upwards (obv. If you add the cot).

Bonti of Sweden has a contest going on, if you purchase the City Tour 2, 3 people have the chance of winning a travelers cheque worth 10000kr. ⬅️⬅️

Have you tried the Baby Jogger City Tour 2? What were your thoughts and experiences?

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