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In collaboration with @bonti_of_sweden and @babyjoggerscandinavia I got to try out the City Tour 2, and I did just that. (Sweden, Portugal, France)

I've written a previous post on my thoughts on the stroller, but since I do quite a bit of travelling it's not a proper test until you take it abroad.

One of my favourite parts is how compact the stroller is, and having it's own satchel bag made it very convenient at the airport when we folded it up. We were able to take the stroller to the gate, which made travelling with a toddler a dream; however it was too big to fit in Norwegians carry on luggage so we needed to have it under the plane (despite being told otherwise at check-in). This meant having the stroller on the other side wad no longer an option and we needed to pick it up at the luggage carousel, thankfully we had the baby carrier with us.

We flew with 3 different airlines and their overhead carry-on luggage are all different sizes, for example Easyjet would definitely not fit the stroller, but our KLM had rather a large overhead which would have worked fine. As a precaution check out flight specs and ask at the check-in.

As posted in previous post, upon arrival the stroller is a dream. It's beautiful, smooth and easy to drive, quick and easy to fold, comfortable sitting and lie down function with an adjustable footrest; with the rain cover (sold separately) Molly stayed dry and comfortable. Will definitely be needing the newborn insert when baby no. 2 comes this Fall.

Have you experienced the baby jogger city tour 2? What were your thoughts?

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