So we’ve moved from a bungalow at The Village, to a cheaper place.

We have a room in a big purple house, with shared kitchen, living room, rooftop and a small porch.

It’s a nice and quiet area next to where a lot of the people selling thing at the cliff side lives.

The man in charge is a young entrepreneur named Vishnu.
When we first moved in the place had a bit of a bachelor vibe.
But that vibe is gone now and it’s real homie, at the moment it’s us and an Italian couple staying here. In the evenings we sit on the porch, chatting waiting for the bedroom to cool down enough for us to go to bed.

Once again we’ve been to the tailor, this time for both Matteo and me, to get som nice and cool clothes.
We have a favorite material shop and tailor that work with organic coloring and sustainable clothing.
Matteo got a full outfit with hat, shirt and trousers, they had never done anything that small before, and I made trousers, a shirt and a play suit that I designed my self.
Nothing ever gets the exact way you’re thinking, but I’m really happy with it this time.
We had a little problem with my measurements and three times it was to tight, but now it’s finally ready!

Matteo’s had a little bit of an eye infection, red and irritation in both his eyes. We went to the homeopathic doctor and got some drops and its better already!

It’s an easy life we live over here, can’t say I miss the cold back home at all!

Filling our days with everything and nothing my latest project is to make organic, vegan baby porridge.

Right now we have a kitchen, and a mixer. But when we move on with our travels we’re only going to have a water heater and the readymade baby food doesn’t feel healthy and over here it’s not organic either.

So I’m trying to make my own dry porridge so it’s just to add hot water when we’re on the road.

I’ll post the recipe later when it’s all done!



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One of my favorite spots here in Varkala is The Garden cafe.

It’s located along Tirumvabadi road just after Krishna stores if your coming from the north cliff.

The cafe is run by a man from Dubai.
It’s not common from that people from there work here, it’s usually the other way around with millions of Keralites in the Arab countries but at least one is doing it the opposite way.

Everything here is home made, Evan the “chees” for the cheesecake. The coffee is okey but the cakes are amazing and not at all like the way too sweet once you usually get here in India.

The lemonade recipe is from his old grandma, and here you can choose if you’d like it sweetened or not.

And the owner has a true feeling for style and finesse. The future he designed him self and you don’t get straws as he cares for the environment.

This is a peaceful pearl and you can not visit Varkala without stopping by.





Now that Matteo is 6 months it’s time to get started with solid food.
So the other day I went in to town to get a mixer, I was looking for a to-go kind that’s easy to travel around with. Back home I was sure I could find one here and that it would be just as easy to buy one instead of bringing one from home.
Turns out I was wrong!
Ofcouse there’s mixers here as well, but they are way too big and heavy to carry around and I just had to give up.

My mom met an Italian couple with a five month old baby that are running a guesthouse, and I went there to say hallo.
They brought a to-go mixer from Turkey and were so kind and lended it to me until there going to start use it in the end of February! Am I lucky or what?!

We’re having fun with the food and so far it’s mostly watermelon, apricot and plums going down, we’ve also tried some porridge and quinoa.

For a couple of days I’ve been going to massage.
I started out with one hour because I was a bit nervous about leaving Matteo for so long, but it went well and for the last three days I’ve had one and a half hour.
I’m so lucky traveling with grandma! Always having a babysitter with me.

Matteo is teething and that results in him being a bit more grumpy than usual. Also he has a little bit of a fever coming and going. When I look into his mouth I can see his first tooth slowly coming up down right.
Today at yoga class I could even feel it when he tried to take a bite of the back of my foot.

I forgot Matteo’s hat on the beach, so now all he’s got is a way to big one ☝️

Today me, mum, Matteo and some friends of ours were going to an event with yoga, pool, DJ, meditation and more.
It was located up on the south cliff and we all took a rickshaw there together.
It started out good, Matteo was calm, I had a swim in the pool. My second swim since we got here over two weeks ago.
Then there was a yoga class that also when pretty well, a could participate in most of it with Matteo on my mat.
After the yoga some sound yoga and meditation started, and unfortunately the volume was to high for Matteo. I’ve been meaning to buy him some earmuffs, but didn’t find the right ones before we left Sweden, so me and the little one just had to leave.
To bad we missed the food!!! We went to our regular restaurant, I had some chapatis with dal and now we’re back home. Matteo’s sleeping and I’m going to watch a movie or something until mum comes home.




When I’ve been flying in Europe and even to Morocco Matteo’s always been wearing a seatbelt, he gets his own life vest and has to face forward, during takeoff and landing.
On the flight from Copenhagen to Delhi we were told that I should hold Matteo “standing” and facing me. In case of an emergency the staff would provide us with a baby life vest. There were quite a lot of baby’s on the plane so I could see the staff running around with life vests for all the baby’s in the turbulence that probably would accrue if we had to do an emergency landing on water.
On our second flight there was no baby lie vests at all.

In our taxi from the airport we were talking about a house we might rent, we thought if might be a little too far to walk with the baby’s and all. He told us it was definitely too far for me to walk but that I should have a vespa so that I could drive with the baby. Quite deferent from all the extra safety thing we have at home. The locals can balance the whole family of five on a single bike or Vespa with one hand. I think the traffic itself is a bit much for me to drive in and I’m definitely not going to drive a Vespa with one hand and Matteo in the other this time!





Six months have gone since I first had you in my arms!

This is how I looked the 3d of August and shortly before.

It haven’t always been easy, or fun. But the good definitely outruns the bad! 

At first it was all a big struggle, blood, sweat and tears. But after a while it felt like both of it got the hang of it!

We’ve visited five countries together, we’ve dipped our toes in the ocean in three continents, we’ve laughed and we’ve cried.

I feel so blessed to be able to spend everyday with you!
Who knows what the future will bring, but we’re going to have an amazing journey together without a doubt.

Today is not only about my beautiful sun but also it’s my 25th birthday! Halfway to fifty ✨

Happy birthday to me 🎶

We’re going to have another fantastic day here in paradise!





Slowly we’re getting life in to a routine here in Varkala, with food, naps and baths.
The temperature is around 32°C and its pretty humid, wearing the baby carrier is very sticky but I’m so happy to be able to wear less clothes than at home.

I forgot Matteo’s pool so the other day we went to a baby store and got a new one and looked for some clothes for him. All the ones I brought are way to warm for him to wear here. We didn’t find anything except some “underpants” to wear outside the diaper.
Instead we went to the tailor and got a shirt stitched.

Now the little one is taking a nap and I’m going to read a bit.





So finally we are here.
It was a long journey, and started out real smooth. We were at the bus stop a bit early so we waited for a short while before it came.
But as it almost always is there was something wrong with the train and we had to switch to a bus for a part of the train ride.
We arrive at the airport about one hour after scheduled but we still had plenty of time.
The first flight Matteo was happy and slept, not a single tear was spilled.
6 am we landed in Delhi, the air was so smoggy we couldn’t even see the wings as we touched ground.

We spent all day at the airport, in the afternoon the smog cleared a little bit and as the airplane took of we saw the other plains and the silhouette of the sun setting.

As we sat down Matteo started to scream, he went totally crazy. The show went on for around 20 minuets and I can tell you it felt much longer!

This trip felt a bit too long and next time I’m going to make sure the stop at Delhi airport isn’t that long.
Blowing my nose after our stay there made me realize that the smog we saw outside also made it inside. Just like when we visited Delhi a few years back, the paper got all black when I blew my nose, I’m happy we didn’t go outside though.
Our flight was one our late and we arrived in Varkala around 1 am. Soooo tired I think I slept 2-3 hours since we left Sweden.




So the snow did arrive to the south of Sweden before we managed to get out of here.
I was hoping that Matteo would get to see snow for the first time next year when he’s bigger and can play in it, but no!

He stares at it from the stroller wondering I guess why on earth everything has become white.

We went out to the playground to try the swing the other day, otherwise we’re mostly inside packing.
Matteo has started to crawl so I really have to watch out, can’t leave him on the couch and walk away and have to make sure there’s nothing on the floor he’s not supposed to put in his mouth.

Thursday we’re leaving for India and I could not be more excited!
Looking forward to some sun again feels like this winter have been going on forever.

Matteo’s starting to taste some food these days as well, it’s not much of it that actually make it down his throat but he’s having fun.




1 dl sesame seeds

1 dl pumpkin seeds

1 dl sunflower kernels

½ dl linseeds

1 dl cornflour

½ tsp salt

½ dl olive oil

2 dl boiling water

Heat the oven to 125 ºC

Mix all the ingredients together and let it swell for 15-20 minutes.

Spread the paste on a baking paper.

Put a baking paper on top and you can roll it out with a rolling pin.

Remove the paper on top and bake for approximately 1,5 h.

Put on a grid to dry.

Use the same proportions of liquide vs. seeds and you can verry the mix and match with whatever seend you have at home.

Enjoy with your favorite bedspread!



Pasta Dough

5 dl spelt flour

4 eggs


¾ Aubergine

1 dl grated parmesan

1,5 dl sprouted lentils

1 garlic clove

olive oil for the pan

Tomato Sauce

450 gr passed tomatos

½ red onion

5 gr fresh ginger

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp chilli powder

salt n’ pepper

olive oil

Pasta Dough

Pour the flour in a pile on the baking table and make a hole in the middle.

Crack the eggs in the hole and gently whip the eggs and the flour together.

Mix well.

Flourish your hand and knead until the dough is smooth and elastic.

Wrap in plastic and let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes or more.

Since I don't have I pasta maker I just roll the dough by hand.

Divide the dough in pieces (how many and how big depending on how big your baking table is)

I made 5 pesces and rolled them as thin as i possibly could.


Slice the aubergine and salt it on both sides.

Let is be for about 30 minutes (there should be some water on top that have been released from the aubergine)

Rinse the salt away och cut small cubes.

Fry the aubergine until its soft and slice the garlic and add it towards the end.

Mix cheese, lentils and aubergine in a bowl.


Roll the dough as thin as you can and slice it in half.

Take a spoon and put “dots” of the filing a few centimeters apart, on one haft of the dough

Ley the other half of the dough on top and press together between the dots of filling.

Cut squares or your prefered shape and prick then with a fork in the edges to make sure they are closed.

Cook in boiling water with olive oil and salt for 2-4 minutes. Use a skimmer to pick up the pasta so that you can use the same water.

Make sure you have a big pot and cook only a few everytime son they don't stick, I did them four by four just to be sure.


Chop the onion and ginger.

Rost everything except the tomatoes in olive oil

When the onion is beginning to be transparent add the tomatoes and let it simmer for five minutes ish.

Add the ravioli to the sauce.

Serve with parmesan.