Your Baby Might Be Eating Carcinogens With Their CerealYour Baby Might Be Eating Carcinogens With Their Cereal

Don't Serve Your Kids Weed Killer for Breakfast

Few people will argue that oatmeal is one of the healthiest things you can have for breakfast. It's the yield of the Earth plus water and maybe some flavoring. How much more beneficial can you get?

You might be surprised.

A Little Poison Won't Hurt... Right?

As much as oatmeal will lower your risk for certain illnesses such as heart disease, there's a chance that you could be increasing your chances of getting cancer.

It comes down to the pesticides and other compounds that make it into the final mix. The pesticides and herbicides used on the oats while they're growing are there to stay, and a fraction of those chemicals made it into the bowl you had this morning.

The big companies that use these chemicals say that's all a matter of parts-per-million. That is, if the chemicals are diluted enough by the time they make it to your table, you've got nothing to worry about. You might decide that's okay if it's just for yourself.

But the same manufacturing guidelines are used for the same oatmeal that makes it to your children.

Oatmeal is Essential For Infants. But...

Oatmeal is strongly recommended as a first food for infants. It's gentle on the digestive tract and lays the foundation for a complete diet later on.

But those chemicals, especially one called glyphosate, is present in porridge for children. This eye-opening study reveals how hotly debated this chemical's presence is in your children's cereal.

The argument is made, Well, how many bowls of cereal have been put in front of a child that had some trace of chemicals in it since breakfast cereal had become a part of the American diet?

Probably quite a few. But if these manufacturers and growers didn't use chemicals in the first place, it wouldn't be something that parents would have to worry about.

The logical alternative is turning to cereals that are grown organically. But even the term "organic" has been used inaccurately.

So the only natural way to make sure you're not putting harmful chemicals into your children is to use an organic cereal with a solid, reputable certification.

Truly Organic Infant Oatmeal

We came across this delightful baby's porridge that's produced in Germany called Holle Organic. It's an organic oatmeal cereal that is organic by the textbook definition.

It comes down to the way the cereal is certified. The cereal has earned approval from the first ecological label for organically produced the food called Demeter.

If you can say your company is a Demeter company, you didn't come by that status lightly.

Demeter was established in 1928. The Holle company has an extensive history running 80 years thus far.

Their porridge is listed as being suitable for infants four months and older, sourced from whole grain, easy to digest, free from milk, no added sugar, no steroids, hormones, antibiotics, or GMO ingredients. Plus, there's no egg or preservatives.

If you want to give your baby oatmeal that won't harm them, you may want to try a box.