Why You Will Love Wearing Eyelash Extensions

False lashes are so versatile and customizable for any look, just like acrylic nails. Whether you just want a shorter, more natural hint of a flutter or thick, dramatic cat eyes, there is a lash for you. And with individual eyelash extensions, you have full control over your look.

If you have never worn false lashes, or if you find the process a little daunting, or worry that they won’t appear “real,” there are some things you might want to consider. Lashes have come a long way since their invention, and they are a lot easier to apply, maintain, and wear in a “natural” way.

Eyes Are Like Windows

Think of your eyelashes like a Christmas tree, or a wreath. Left to their wild, natural devices, they may be quite pretty – but if you add a little accent here and there, and fan out the branches, they become exquisite décor for the architecture of your face. And just as a house has “bones”, the framework and foundation it is built on, your face has its own unique features to build your best lash look. A well-placed pair of eyelash extensions will enhance your natural eye shape and color.

It’s A Confidence Booster

Your eyes are the part of your face with which you express yourself. They are how you communicate. In fact, they are the only part of your face that receives “contact” from everyone you meet on a daily basis, so enhancing their beauty and allure will benefit you in all your interactions throughout the day. You will feel so powerful behind your cover girl lashes that you’ll make – and hold – eye contact, making you appear more assertive and confident.

You’re Always Camera Ready

There’s a reason that false eyelashes were popularized by Hollywood starlets on the silver screen, and why they always seemed so ethereal and alluring. The camera loves a good doe-eyed gaze, and your eyes will sparkle. No Snapchat filters necessary, just lashes for days.

You Can Go Big or Go Subtle

You’re the artist here: you know what’s best for you. Rather than sorting through tons of lash styles for a fit that suits your eye shape or just your overall aesthetic, you can play up the natural look of the lashes you were born with. Add a few long wispies at the center to open up your eye more fully and show off your irises, or opt for a fanned flare at the corner of your eye for a flirty, catlike curl. Experiment with new styles and find the perfect lash fit for you.

Less Work For An Eye-Catching Look

My grandmother used to tell me that I could leave the house without any makeup on and no one would be the wiser, as long as I had time to swipe on a little red lipstick. I rarely wear red lipstick, but I have definitely used the same hack when it comes to my eyelashes. You would be surprised at how fuller lashes soften the face and make even the sparsest makeup look like the subject of a Vermeer oil painting.

No Commitment

Individual, self-applied eyelash extensions can be easily removed and reapplied for a myriad of different looks – unlike lash salon applications, which you’re stuck with for weeks, cost between $125 and $300 per visit, and can irritate the delicate tissue of your eyelids. As long as you are practicing safe lash maintenance and keeping your eyelids clean and disinfected, there’s no reason you can’t just apply your eyelash extensions and go.