Why You Should Be Using A Rowing MachineWhy You Should Be Using A Rowing Machine

Working out is something many Americans do every day. For the biggest chunk of us, however, life and responsibilities do not always allow that to happen. So, when you do get the opportunity to work on your physical health, you want to be sure you get the maximum effectiveness. You want to use a machine that can work your entire body in one simple exercise, and that is where a rowing machine comes into play.

We will explore a few of the benefits of rowing machine workouts in this piece. So, let’s dive right in and discover why a rowing machine is an excellent piece of equipment to maximize your routine and get the maximum results.

Full Body Workout


rowing machine
is basically exactly what it sounds like; a machine that is designed and built to simulate the activity of rowing a boat. You simply sit on the seat, grab hold of the handle, and pull. The seat is set on a gliding rail that allows it to move forward when you pull on the handle bar, and backwards when you release pressure with the help of gravity. The counteractive motions of pulling the handle while sliding your body on the seat is a nearly perfect mimicking of rowing.

If you have ever rowed in a canoe, you already have a good idea of how well it works out not only your arms, but your core and legs as well. When you achieve the proper motion and level of vigor, you can expect to see as many as 500 calories burned an hour. Calories that are used by all the various muscle groups the rowing motion activates and works out.

Extremely Low Impact

Due to the way a rowing machine operates and glides along a rail system, there is very little to no impact on the joints. Which makes them a great tool for older people who may have difficulty with running or other aerobic workouts, and allows them to stay healthier with little to no injury risk. But, it also makes a great tool for the more young and fit, as the low impact workout allows you to exert more effort without worrying about hurting yourself at a higher intensity.

Very Easy, Even For First Time Users

If you have the ability to sit, reach, and pull, you can make use of a rowing machine. The fluid motion and ease of use mean that even first time users will not only be able to successfully complete the exercise, but they will be able to feel the results from the first use, as well. With the way some workout routines have so many different steps and tools, it is great to be able to get the benefits of many at the same time with just the one machine. It’s even better that almost anyone can do it immediately.

So, Why Should You Be Using A Rowing Machine?

If you are going to take time from your busy life to work out, there is simply no reason not to use a machine that can work so many muscle groups in one easy motion. The fact that it is so easy is also a major bonus; no training or trainer required, just sit, row, and burn. If you like watching TV shows while you work out, the fact that the only motor it has is your own body means that it is nearly silent; allowing you to watch whatever soap opera or talk shows that catch your fancy. Give one a try; you have nothing to lose but the fat you want gone anyway.