Why You Need To Update Your Makeup BagWhy You Need To Update Your Makeup Bag

Every makeup user has that one bag containing all their essentials and go-to products. This little pouch can be a life-saver when you're running late in the mornings and need to look awake. Or when you need to doll up quickly before an impromptu date. Or when you desperately need a little touch-up of gloss or blotting paper throughout the day. In short, your makeup bag is like an aid kit- always there to prep you up for any occasion or time. It is also an absolute must-have when traveling.

But we're all guilty of one big makeup bag mistake. And that is years of dumping products in it, even the ones we don't use, and never updating it. It can become a comfort zone because it works as it is and we understand that. But sometimes, your makeup bag needs a breath of fresh air (read: new products) for many reasons.

Let us go through some reasons why you will majorly benefit from upgrading your bag of makeup goodies. And why it can actually be essential.

1. Expired products

Not many of us know or care about the fact that all makeup products have a shelf-life. Whether its' eyeshadow, mascara, blush on- each product has it's own timeline and expires beyond that point. It is particularly common to not keep a check on the expiry of makeup bag products. You can go on for years, using them without realizing the need to replace some products with new ones.

Expired makeup loses its' quality and starts harboring bacteria, causing acne, and harm to your skin and eyes. Put yourself first, check on their expiration dates, and get some fresh new makeup for your bag.

2. Clutter

Let's admit it- sometimes the makeup bag can become a home for every extra makeup product we might not even want or need. We sometimes toss in everything in there, thinking we'll use it at some point. But all it leads to is a messy makeup bag, full of clutter, (and shattered palettes and melting lipsticks, and dried eyeliners.)

Do yourself a favor and dump everything out once in a while. Then sort through your products, remove the extras, see what you need, and restock. I can't count the number of times I kept going out without that one makeup essential and had to ask around for it- just because I was too lazy to update my makeup bag.

3. Winter is Coming!

You can't go into winters without stocking up on the new seasons' essentials. With the cold and dry weather approaching, you need to have the basics in your makeup bag. Do you have a hydrating lip balm? What about a moisturizer or hydrating concealer? And how can we forget, winter calls for the ultimate dark lipstick shades too.

Your makeup bag might be filled with so many summery products and shades that you probably won't use a lot in the new season. Plus it will be a lot of fun checking out the latest trends and getting new makeup for your winter looks.

4. Do you have everything you need?

Lastly, you need a makeup bag haul every once in a while simply because it might not have all your must-haves. You would really benefit from checking it once in a while and equipping it with more helpful items for your convenience. For instance, do you have a makeup remover and cotton swabs? A brow gel for a quick fix-up? A lightweight SPF?

An updated makeup bag can undoubtedly amp up your 'getting ready' game, keep you stylish, and is a total godsend almost every other day. Start decluttering and restocking today!