Why Is Vaginal Lotions Essential?

The moisturizer keeps skin looking smooth on legs and arms, body lotion on the hands and feet keeps skin splitting in the harbor, and moisturizer on your face keeps away those unwanted lines. Moisturizing has several advantages, but there's a section of the body that requires the little excess moisture that you're completely ignoring your vagina. Small dry tissues of the vagina or vulva affect 40 percent of women who are postmenopausal. And vaginal dryness is not only caused by middle age or elderly ladies. There are a variety of many other factors that can decrease lubrication in any female of just about any age, such as delivering a newborn, breastfeeding, taking oral contraceptives, getting treated by surgery or radiotherapy for disease and medicines like anti-histamines or antacids.

Importance of Vaginal Lotion

Try a long-acting vaginal lotion to adjust the moisture content of the tissue to refill the normal moisture that requires by the vagina, resulting in tissues that are more flexible, stronger, and with improved fluid output capacity, which in turn can reduce friction.

Need to Use Moisturizer

Moisturizer is the main long-acting lotion seen in clinical trials to help restore vaginal moisture and reduce painful contact. The depredations of menopause often render the vaginal walls so fragile and dry that estrogen is really the only way to undo the menstrual clock and keep intercourse pleasant. But for most, one to two times a week, introducing a vaginal moisturizer to your usual moisturizer routine is just the remedy you have to drift back into daily ease.

What’s Best for Vaginal Dryness

It is necessary to see your healthcare professional for a thorough pelvic examination to treat vaginal dryness and to evaluate the pros and cons of an array of choices. Topical chemicals, like vaginal moisturizers alone or in conjunction with hormonal vaginal estrogen products, are recommended by most doctors.

Natural Oils

You can consider many natural oils, like grapeseed, almond, soft nut, cashew, or hemp. If drying is an issue, these products are fantastic lubricants that can be spread comfortably for a much more expressive love-making experience in or around your genitals.


Vaginal moisturizers such as Replens, Sylk, vitamin E vaginal pills, Astroglide, Luvena, K-Y Fluid can be tried over-the-counter. If the ingredients are harmful to the skin, avoid buying such products having BPA, sodium lactate, or propylene glycol. Never use products that contain harmful material as it will damage the skin badly. Always prefer to use the product by considering the skin type requirements so no damage can be caused to the skin.


Vaginal estrogens are most commonly prescribed and, depending on the background and health conditions for estrogen use, treatment is individualized. Three forms of estrogen products, such as a vaginal estrogen ring, vaginal estrogen tablet, and vaginal estrogen cream, are accessible through medication.

Therapies with Laser

Then there are some new vaginal laser treatments that could be given to relieve vaginal dryness, vaginal tears, and discomfort while intimate. Now a days many people are considering the laser treatment for the vagina to get rid of the dryness that can cause severe affects sometimes.

Causes of dryness

Vaginal dryness is a normal menopause symptom—and almost one in every three women struggles with it when going through the transition. Afterward, it is even more severe. It also makes it lighter and less flexible for the vagina. Estrogen levels may also drop due to pregnancy and nursing, cancer chemotherapy or systemic therapy, ovarian surgery to remove, anti-estrogen medications used to treat uterine fibroids, or ovarian cysts. This is also known as vaginal atrophy.