Why BluTiger is Changing the Way People Work OutWhy BluTiger is Changing the Way People Work Out

Whether or not we continue to be in the middle of a pandemic, working out is always an important aspect of our health.

Working out can range in terms of the type of activity, duration and location. You can swim at the local pool. You can hike a local trail. You can lift weights at a local gym

But often, finding an activity that fits in with your schedule, fitness level and enjoyment can be really challenging. And often, many of us tend to fall off the bandwagon if we can’t find a workout that gets us absolutely hooked.

And when we don't’ find time to work out consistently, that is when things can get challenging for maintaining good health. Here are just a few of the reasons why workout it should be prioritized:

1. Your body gets an endorphin rush

Moving your body and getting that endorphin rush can drastically improve your mood and help you combat feelings of angst or stress. In fact, it is said that the endorphins you get from working out can instantly make you happier.

2. Your body can lose weight

There is a fine balance when it comes to your weight. And working out helps us manage that at a healthy level. Plus, working out will make us crave healthier food options too.

3. Your body will get stronger

It feels good to be strong. And working out will help you build muscles so that you can do daily activities without feeling in pain and also build enough muscle to prevent injury.

4 You will sleep better

When we work out, our body then naturally craves rest and relaxation. Working out will help you go to sleep easier and wake up feeling rested and recovered.

5. You will enjoy life more

When you look after your health you naturally will enjoy your life more. That is because your body will have more energy, you can do the activities that bring you joy and you will be fueling your body with proper nutrition.

But yet, with so many benefits that come to work out, many of us often simply can’t find the time to get that daily workout in.

However, that has all changed with BluTiger –and the way people are working out has officially changed forever.

This new mobile workout device has broken down the barriers to enable you to work out anywhere, anytime and even multi-task if your schedule really is that busy! What exactly is it? This little compact device is basically a seated elliptical machine, which can sit under your desk, dining table or anywhere else you like!

Here are all the reasons how this exciting new workout invention is going to benefit us all.

No More Staying Stagnant at Work

Most of us are seated at a desk for at least eight hours per day. That means while our brain is working and our fingers are typing, the rest of our body gets to be lazy for hours on end. But with this new workout device, you can get a workout underneath your desk. Not only does this allow you to squeeze in a workout at any time of day, but also helps get your blood flowing in a way that will equally increase your energy level and productivity at work.

Watch TV and Workout

If you are someone that does not like to work out because you simply get bored, then you are also going to hugely benefit from this workout device. You can sit on your lounge chair in the living room and put on your favorite Netflix show while you get your elliptical workout in. Multi-tasking has never been so fun!

Protect Your Knees

Another reason that many of us stop working out is that our knees simply can not cope with the impact. However, this workout device is designed to allow for a low impact workout that will protect your knees rather than hurt them. So you can still get your calorie burn in without having to worry about walking in pain the following day.

No More Membership Fees

Another reason that many of us forgo our workouts is simply due to cost. Life is getting more expensive and for many of us, a $30 a week gym membership is the first thing that gets cut from our budget. However, this affordable workout device requires only a one time purchase, no extra fees are required!

From making working out more convenient to ensuring it stays affordable for us all, BluTiger is changing the way we can all work out!