Where to Use Promotional ProductsWhere to Use Promotional Products

Promotional products are one of the easiest ways to market your company. Items like pens, notepads, and water bottles are items that people use on a daily basis, and people will be reminded of your business every time they use the promotional product. You can order promotional products in bulk, and when you consider how much exposure you will be receiving from the promotional products, they are well worth the financial investment. Whether it’s promotional headwear, T-shirts, pens, or cups, most people enjoy receiving free products, and if your company is able to make the right connections when sending out promotional products, you can substantially raise your company's exposure and brand awareness.

1. Give them to local schools.

Especially with pens and notepads, giving promotional items to a local school is a smart move. The teachers will appreciate your generosity, and if you want to go the extra mile, you could send snacks, donuts, or drinks for the teachers to enjoy when receiving their promotional item. The next time they are in need of the services your company offers, the teachers will be more likely to remember your business because they used your promotional item.

2. Have them available at your business.

You should always have a few promotional products available for walk-in customers at your business. You could keep a few pens or magnets by your register or on your front desk so people can easily access them. People love free things, and they will be inclined to take one which is good because they will have continued exposure to your company's name.

3. Gift them to prospective customers.

When you are trying to draw in prospective customers, you should give them promotional products to ensure they will be reminded of your company again when making purchasing decisions. Even if they don't make a decision right away, leaving them with a promotional product will keep your business name and services present in their lives.

4. Use them in networking opportunities.

Each time you are at a networking opportunity, you should have a few promotional products available so you can give them to the network connections you make. Traditionally, people trade give business cards to new network connections, but people are more likely to keep a promotional pen that they can use versus a business card they will most likely toss in a drawer or throw away.

5. Display them at a company booth.

Whether at a trade show or a community business event, you should have promotional items available for people to take. If you're at an event where there will be multiple businesses with promotional products, you should consider having a unique promotional item like hand sanitizer bottles or bottle openers with your company logo. When choosing a unique promotional item to represent your business, you need to be sure it is something that people will repeatedly use instead of something that looks cool but will not be used enough to remind people of your business.

6. Offer them to a fundraising event.

Whether it's a 5k or a dinner auction, most fundraising events offer a small "goody bag" to their patrons, and they would be glad to include promotional objects in their offering. Not only does it help the organization fill their bags, but it helps your business gain valuable exposure through promotional marketing.

7. Send them to area businesses.

Sending promotional products to area businesses is a great way to use promotional products because businesses have needs too. When sending your company's items out, be sure not to send them to competitors because that is wasting your time and money. Reaching out to local banks, office parks, and other neighboring businesses are smart places to start.

Using promotional products is a smart marketing strategy that many businesses partake in. However, how your business uses promotional products is important because if you don't use them effectively, your business will not reap the many benefits of promotional products.