Where to Shop for Large MattressesWhere to Shop for Large Mattresses

Looking for a king or a California king-sized mattress? These jumbo choices are great for being roomy. Did you know that some companies offer an Alaskan King sized bed, that is larger than the largest king or California king. It measures 9’ x 9’, which is a massive chunk of luxury. Keep in mind that sheets might need to be custom-made with a size that isn’t standard to most mattress companies.

Looking For A New Mattress?

How do you choose your new mattress? Lots of people choose to shop by the way they sleep, but there are lots of other factors that can help you decide.

Body Type/Size

Body type makes a big difference in what kind of mattress you might need, and it’s odd how so many mattress choosing guides gloss over this obvious issue. Everyone is shaped differently, which changes how much support the spine needs, and where.

People under 130 pounds will most likely need a medium to medium firm mattress, unless you sleep on your side. If you side sleep, you might need a softer choice.

If you are over 230 pounds, you probably need a firmer mattress to give you adequate spinal support. A good option is a hybrid innerspring mattress and foam mattress, which is durable enough to last a long time before needing replacement. Choose a mattress at least 12 inches thick, or you won’t get enough support to be comfortable in most cases.

If you are over 6’ tall, try not to opt for anything smaller than a queen, or you probably won’t be comfortable. Anything smaller will leave your feet dangling off the edge of the bed.

Pain Issues

If you are waking up with more aches and pains than you went to bed with, you probably need a new mattress. The support required to keep your spine aligned at night is hard to achieve on an old, broken-down mattress. Your pain is likely to get worse if you neglect to change your mattress, especially with chronic back pain.

If you have back issues, doctors and other specialists recommend a firm mattress to a “very firm” mattress. However, recent studies have shown that chronic back pain might benefit more from a medium-firm mattress, and that style mattress will provide optimal comfort and sleep, even with back pain issues.

Other pain, like joint or random skeletal muscle pain, might benefit most from a medium to medium-firm foam mattress. In a study that took place in 2015, 50 sufferers of skeletal muscle pain slept on medium-firm mattresses. They seemed to largely benefit from that type of mattress, saying the pain was improved, as was the time it took to fall asleep.


The cost can vary widely, especially between brick and mortar stores and online stores such as Big Fig Mattress, and others. If you go with a retail store, don’t settle for retail, because the retail price is almost always hyperinflated. Choosing a sale-price mattress is the way to go in that case, and you get the bonus of trying out the mattress first. A foam mattress usually costs less than hybrid mattresses or classic coil-type mattresses. A quality queen bed with a good name brand should run for under $1000. A luxury brand should start around $1500 for a queen.

You should still be able to find some reasonable, decently made mattresses for around $300-$600, but they are generally no-frills types of mattresses. Don’t expect pillow tops, temperature regulation, or other expensive add ons for that price.

A well-made mattress should last on an average of ten years.