What is the COMBAR Pro from Aclim8? See full details and reviews

Before you venture into the great outdoors, key items on your packing list will always include your tools. Unreliable tools, which have poor functionality and are bulky and difficult to carry around can make for a largely unpleasant outdoor experience and in many instances, when the stakes are high, could lead to more serious consequences. Outdoor activities and adventurers require tools that are carefully designed and engineered with the highest quality materials available. This is exactly what ACLIM8 set out to deliver when approaching the design of the COMBAR™ Pro tool.

In 2014, ACLIM8 decided to focus its efforts on designing a tool that would be able to provide a reliable and high quality user experience, while being carefully designed to cater to the unique requirements of various special forces units and outdoor adventurers. The product underwent 10 prototyping phases, multiple redesigns and extensive field testing, until finally the ACLIM8 team met their exceedingly high production standards.

When designing their COMBAR™ product, they recognized that an indispensable capability of an effective outdoor tool is its ability to dig. They then sought inspiration from the largest outdoor based organization model in the world: the military and through their research, they discovered that although there were many shovel tools available today, their design wasn't fully effective. They then realized that before the implementation of today's fairly well known “folding military e-tool”, there was another, highly effective and compact military grade tool that they could look to for inspiration - the Trowel Bayonet. Taking note of the comfortable handle and small but strong digging blade, and pulling from various other product designs and their own personal experiences with outdoor e-tools, the COMBAR™ was born. Along with its digging capabilities, the tool provides an axe, a hammer, a knife and a saw as well as having a magazine insert. You can visit their official website here and see a full breakdown of these functions.

Since its release in 2018, the tool has been widely received as a revolutionary solution for outdoorsmen and adventurers alike and the company has seen a steady rise in sales. They have such faith in their product and design that the tool comes with a lifetime guarantee and naturally this kind of peace of mind means that customers are almost always satisfied with their product and it is one of the best selling outdoor tools available on Amazon today.

Until the COMBAR™ Pro came to market, what to take vs What can I carry was a common trade of - often resulting in sacrifices on the side of weight or functionality. That is now longer the case. COMBAR™ Pro offers all the key tools you need in a strong, light, composite system.

No sacrifice required.