What Does Vitamin C Do For The Skin?What Does Vitamin C Do For The Skin?

I have always been a firm believer in natural ingredients, supplements and working on the internal environment of the body rather than the outer environment Like happiness, peace, you cannot get a better skin just by working on the outer skin barrier. You have to get inside to cooperate with you.

To get your body to cooperate with you, you need to invest in some vitamins because they are something that you can take and have a better result shown on the outside. There are countless different kinds of vitamins in the market, and every one of them has another. But one of the best vitamins that have been known for having quality effects on the skin is the vitamin C serum for face. Let’s see what this vitamin does for our skin?

1: Lightens the Complexion

Vitamin C has been one of the most lightening and brightening agents that have been used by people all around the world. Whether it is in the capsule form, pill form, serum or even in oil forms. Studies have found out that there is an enzyme called tyrosinase in the vitamin c which later converts in the amino acids in the melanin. Melanin is the pigment which gives our skin the colour. That is why vitamin c is hugely recommended when it comes to sun tanning and sunburns.

2: It Promotes Collagen Production

If you do not know what collagen is, it is the compound our skin is mostly made up of, almost eighty to ninety per cent of our skin is made up of the collagen. So, no imagine your skin start losing the collagen it will fall flat and look more aged than how you are. So, vitamin c promotes the growth of collagen and hence gives your skin the hydration and moisture to encourage the younger-looking skin.

3: It is Also an Antioxidant

Our skin also makes the natural vitamin c in our body, because it is very much essential. Because vitamin c is known to have great heaps of antioxidants in your skin. That is why our skin produces and stores the vitamin c in the cells so it can later use it for the antioxidant properties and prevent the skin from the damage that it gets done from the environmental factors. These factors can interchange from UV rays to pollution to smoking.

4: Treating the Damage from The Sun

Vitamin c not only brighten up the skin and helps in treating the suntan, but it also treats the damage your skin gets from the sun. Because the vitamin c stops the over production of melanin that gives skin a tanned look, that Is how it slowly heal the skin and lowers the tanning down.

5: Prevents Wrinkles

Like I mentioned above, that vitamin c is the abundance of collagen, which is what our face is made up of. Suppose you are using vitamin c serum for your face. You are promoting the production of the collagen in the skin. The benefits of it will prove that it’d be firmer by protecting it from the damage anything can cause it.

So, these are the benefits your skin will be getting on using vitamin c serum on your face. Make sure you patch test it on the inner side of your forearm, if you do not have any reactions to it then you are free to use it.