It's everything and more to have your makeup be on fleek. When you think about the perfect makeup, what comes to mind? Some nicely carved brows, a flawless skin work, the right shades of foundation and concealer, well-blended shadows, the perfect winged liners, lovely lipstick shades as the icing on the cake, and, of course, false lashes (falsies) that stay put! While you may be quite skilled in applying makeup, wearing falsies requires extra attention, and false lashes not properly attached can ruin even the most perfect makeup.

Why don't you continue reading to know how to wear your false lashes like a pro and put an end to worrying about your falsies slipping or hanging off?

Choose the Right Lashes

When picking out false lashes, there are a few things to consider, like the length, thickness, shape, design, and pattern of the lashes and the material they come in – human hair, mink, silk, or synthetic fiber. Choose the lashes that will best complement your eyes and your eye makeup.

3D lashes will give your eyes a fuller look because they are often double-layered or above, while flared falsies will give the illusion of almond-shaped eyes or cat eyes. Lashes with gaps in between will reveal more of your eye shadow, and Round lashes will open up your eyes. Go for lashes with fuller density for Smokey eye or when you have no shadows on.

Curl Your Natural Lashes

Prep your natural lashes by curling them out with an eyelash curler and applying mascara in upward strokes.

Take Out Your Falsies

Gently take out the falsies by using tweezers to pull them from the lash tray. Avoid ripping off the strips with your hands, as this can cause them to break or bend.

Measure and Trim

Measure the false lashes against the length of your eyes and trim off the excess. This step is essential so that after you place the falsies on your natural lashes, they will layer adequately and not have the falsies protruding from the corners. Test place the falsies after trimming to be sure it is the right length. Keep cutting – but in small bits – until you get the ideal size.

Apply Eyelash Glue and Allow to Dry

Apply eyelash glue to the lashes bands in light quantity to avoid drenching the lashes in glue and creating a mess. After applying glue, leave for about 30seconds to dry before placing them on your natural lashes. Use black lash glue if your falsies come with black bands, to be well blended, but if black glue is not an option, you can still opt for the standard white glue as they also tend to dry out finely.

Falsies Application

To put on your falsies, please pick up the falsies with tweezers and gently lay them on your natural lashes. Apply them looking only downwards but without squinting or closing your eyes. Position the outer and inner corners properly with your tweezers but do not start the application from your eyes' inner corner to prevent getting the strands into your eyes. Press both layers of lashes together with your fingers to get a firm stay.

Apply another Coat of Mascara

After putting on your falsies, go over with one or two mascara coats to ensure that your natural lashes and falsies are neatly attached. The mascara will serve as an extra layer of glue due to its sticky nature.

Bonus Tips: have various types of falsies sitting in your beauty box at all times, so you have multiple choices to pick from according to the eye makeup you have on. Also, wear them with your elbow jutting outward, not downward, and with your hand mirror brought down low to enable you to see your lash line and if you need to make any adjustments.


There you go, all set and in place! The next time you intend to wear your falsies, hopefully, this guide will see you through. And with constant practice, you are sure to have a smooth transition from a beginner to a skilled pro – just like your favorite beauty You-tuber!