These are the Foremost Thought Leaders in Graphic DesignThese are the Foremost Thought Leaders in Graphic Design

There is no shortage of creativity when it comes to graphic design. Around the world, several design firms are proving their worth as they create brand identities and designs for their impressive list of clients and their campaigns.

Whether a firm has an unlimited budget or is a small startup on a limited budget, its choice of a design firm can deliver memorable logos for its brand identity.

These are the thought leaders in graphic design today

Thought leaders in graphic design need not only be the well-known teams that charge their clients for their memorable and impressive designs. Some companies provide excellent creative design assistance to small businesses with very little money to spend.


Starting a business can be easier than most think. TRUiC was founded by a team of entrepreneurs who make the whole process easier. They provide business startups in the U.S. with helpful guides and tools. Their idea to create free graphic design tools for businesses puts them at the forefront of the thought leaders in their field.

With TRUiC’s free logo maker, a small business can create an exclusive logo for their brand identity in seconds. There are 700 industries to choose from, and their online logo designs are unique because their design team has created a whole range of icons, designs, and colors. These are paired with open-sourced fonts and graphics.

A business can download as many logos as it desires and they are available in two formats. The logos are high resolution and can be customized for use across all brandable items and platforms.

Sagmeister & Walsh

Headquartered in New York, Stefan Sagmeister is a graphic designer who has revolutionized the industry with his design style. Its client list includes Adobe, Snapchat, BMW, The Gap, The Guggenheim Museum, Jay-Z, and 7Up.

Wolff Olins

Based in London, Wolff Olins is known for its bold designs and rebrands that create hype and are talked about for ages afterward. Some of the studio’s most notable clients include Alibaba, Uber, Spotify, Unilever, Microsoft, and Google.


Landor is headquartered in San Francisco but has a presence in 20 countries with 23 offices. The company was started in 1941 by Walter Landor, and their list of high-profile clients includes Coca-Cola, Levis, Apple, Rolex, John Deere, and FedEx, to name but a few.


Based in London, Pentagram has an impressive list of talented partners. These include Colin Forbes, Harry Pearce, Paula Scher, Allen Fletcher, Michael Beirut, etc.

Pentagram also has a presence in Austin, New York, San Francisco, and Berlin. Some of their most noteworthy clients are Revlon, Cosmopolitan, Citibank, Alexander McQueen, Harley Davidson, The Orpah Winfrey Show, and Saks Fifth Avenue.


MetaDesign is headquartered in San Francisco but also has offices in Beijing, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Geneva, and Zurich. Founded by three German designers, the team also included Erik Spiekermann, the famous typographer. The Economist, Polo Ralph Lauren, Apple, Lamborghini, Netflix, Intel, eBay, and FIFA, are some of the names on their endless list of notable clients.

House Industries

House Industries is a small studio based in Delaware. It insists on retaining its independence and is known for its unconventional products and retro designs. Clients they have worked with include Cher, Jimmy Kimmel, Ford, Hermes, Uniqlo, Baccarat, and Vogue Japan.

Happy Cog

Founded by Jeffrey Zeldman, Happy Cog specializes in web and digital design, a field Zeldman knows well. Happy Cog has offices in Philadelphia and New York. Notable clients include Reuters, Nintendo, Ben& Jerry’s, Harvard Business School, and the U.S Holocaust Museum.

Leo Burnett

The company bears the name of its legendary founder who started it in 1935. Leo Burnett is based in Chicago but has a presence on all the continents with 85 offices in 69 countries. Its 9,000 employees offer a whole range of creative disciplines, and they undertake a variety of projects, including branding and marketing. Ikea, Kelloggs, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Samsung, Fiat, P&G, and Bell are just a few of their most notable clients.


Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Metalab works for some of the biggest companies online including Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Slack. Metalab has also created an invoicing app (Ballpark) and a project management app (Flow).