The Top Trends to Follow for Fall 2021The Top Trends to Follow for Fall 2021

Summer has officially come to an end and we are ready to head into all the top trends of fall 2021. Last fall we were all at home wrapped in comfy blankets and sweatpants but this year we are trading it in for some new trends you might not have tried yet. Some of these will have you muting your Zoom call so you can hop online to order them now!

So without further adieu, here is our list of the top trends you need to be following for fall 2021.

Classic Vinyl Records

While most of us have all converted to the ease of streaming music from phones or smart home devices, there is still something to be said about the inherent physical beauty and substance that comes with a vinyl record. Vinyl gives you that option of elevating your experience with your favorite albums.

Vinyl records are not just for bands from the past. Many current bands and artists continue to release records and you can buy vinyl records online with ease. Best of all, you can use vinyl records as an object you can proudly display in your home.

Fall Trends in Jewelry

It is all about making a statement with fall 2021 jewelry trends, from fringe earrings to statement chokers. This season, designers have taken old models and added a whole lot of glam! A great and simple way to upgrade any look is with gold chains. This trend can be found in unique shapes and textures like ribbed or braided.

Gold chain necklaces were spotted on the runways during fall fashion shows so don’t be surprised when you start seeing them more often. But gold chains are nothing new. Maybe you can add a few new pieces to the ones you already own for a layered look. From layering to chokers, big gold chain necklaces are going to be a must this fall.

A Healthier Soda Option

Believe it or not, there are actually healthier options when it comes to soda and we don’t mean the faintly flavored soda water that people are drinking. We’re talking about tepache which is a naturally fermented drink that is traditionally a street food item from Mexico. The fermentation of the drink develops both probiotic and prebiotic qualities which helps aid digestion and is good for overall gut health.

A probiotic soda can be flavored but is traditionally a spicy pineapple drink. Our pro tip is to try different flavors with tequila for a refreshing cocktail that will actually be a healthier option!

Natural Way for Better Sleep

Sleep is so essential to our life and most of us aren’t getting enough quality sleep. There are many medications that are available but many of them come with so many unwanted side effects. A great natural option for getting better sleep is sleep chews that contain CBD.

Sleep chews that contain CBD with active levels of valerian root are fast-acting and support your body by promoting a healthy sleep cycle. Best of all, you will wake up without that next-day grogginess that so many sleep supplements come with.

Blonde Highlights

Hair trends come and go, but blonde highlights are forever. They are a great way to add a quick style to your hair because they have been shown to complement any hair color, whether dark or light, because there are so many different shades of blonde to choose from.

The trends you will see this fall is the ‘money piece’ which are the chunkier face-framing highlights. Yes, after a decade of more natural hair colors dominating the trends, the trends of the early 2000’s are coming back in full force. To make this style more 2021, make the money piece more subtle and not overly done or drastic.

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

As you shop for fall 2021 fashion you may notice the fashion industry is responding to consumer demands for more sustainable clothing. It’s not always the easiest to find but you will be able to find eco-friendly options for your wardrobe while still supporting the environment.

The best tip for shopping sustainably is to not focus on fast fashion and to instead find pieces that will last through the trends and are more timeless and classic. 2020 changed a lot of us and 64% of shoppers decreased their spending on clothing so that will continue the push for more sustainable clothing options.

Nail Tip Extensions

This last year had all of us forced to find ways of doing at-home manicures when so many nail salons were closed for so long. Because of this, you will continue to see nail tips as a trend in fall of 2021. Nail tips are a fun option to get that unique and trendy style without having a major impact on your natural nail.

There are so many different styles and shapes to choose from to match your personal preference. It’s a great option from the traditional full set of acrylic nails because they have a lower-risk of irritation or lasting damage.

Multipurpose Lip and Cheek Color

As the season changes from summer to fall we start to trade in our tank tops for turtlenecks. It means that it’s also time to swap your pink blush and lip gloss for warmer colors. A fantastic product for the woman on the go is a multipurpose lip and cheek color.

You want to find just the right color that is made of a pigment-rich formula that is longwearing and buildable with the color. That way you can look like you made a huge effort with a beautiful smooth complexion that actually took just a small amount of effort.

Laser Hair Removal

You have struggled enough through the summer with shaving your legs, underarms, and anywhere else you’re growing unwanted hair. Remembering to change the blade on your razor, stubble, and constant regrowth are all so frustrating and it’s time you invest in yourself and get laser hair removal.

But did you know that you can now do laser hair removal in the privacy of your own home? This fall is a great time to skip the salon and create your own at home hair removal regime. The laser hair removal devices function with one simple button and have a sensor to ensure safe hair removal every time.

Shapewear and Loungewear

We all have everyday undergarments and loungewear that we grab most often whether it’s a comfy bralette or those super soft joggers. But sometimes there are times where you want to look and feel like you made a little bit more of an effort.

As the temps outside start to go down, it’s time to layer up. Finding comfortable shapewear will make you feel great even if it's just to smooth your look under a t-shirt. SKIMS has so many options when it comes to undergarments, loungewear, and shapewear that will for sure be leading the trends for fall of 2021.


As you start getting out your sweaters and scarves, be sure to keep your eye out for all of these top trends that you are sure to see here in fall 2021. You will be ahead of the trends after reading this list!