The Best Nursing Socks to Try this Year The Best Nursing Socks to Try this Year

Nurses are constantly on the go and work long shifts on their feet.

As a result, many nurses often suffer from swollen feet and sore legs that feel tired all the time.

But these health care heroes don’t have to suffer in silence anymore! Compression socks are the ultimate go-to answer for those who work the hospital floors all day and night.

With compression socks like comrad socks for nursing available easily online, there is no real reason why nurses have to suffer as much during their shifts any longer. But how do you know what type of nursing socks you should get?

We’ve rounded up the top tips of crucial qualities to look for in nursing socks so that you can forever say goodbye to the swollen feet and tired legs after a long day’s work.

1. They have ankle support

Nursing socks should be designed to enhance blood flow in the legs and support the ankles! The ankles are responsible for connecting the feet to the rest of the body and carry an enormous burden of responsibility. With nurses on their feet all day long, having socks designed with built-in ankle support is an absolute must! The results will be noticeable right away!

2. They absorb moisture

Because nurses are constantly on the go, they will naturally be producing a lot of sweat. This includes the feet too! So the best type of nursing socks to get this year are the ones that are designed to absorb moisture and keep the feet dry and comfortable. Plus, moisture absorption will prevent feet from developing unpleasant odors later on when the shift is coming to a completion.

3. They prevent swelling

One of the most common reasons nurses feel exhausted and uncomfortable after a long shift on the hospital floor is their swollen feet. This has occurred because they have likely been running from room to room for hours on end with no time to take the pressure off their feet. While likely, this environment will not change for nurses, the types of socks they choose to wear can make their shift work a bit more comfortable. With compression socks, nurses will no longer have to suffer through swollen feet!

4. They are cute

Just because nurses wear uniforms does not mean that they can’t show off a bit of personality. Socks are one of the best ways to showcase who you are professionally. Compression socks designed for nurses come with a range of color and design options, allowing nurses to choose a pair of socks they enjoy wearing! When nurses are comfortable with what they are wearing, they will naturally make hospital patients feel more comfortable as well—and it all starts with the socks!

5. They regulate body temperature

Being inside the hospital ward is not an environment human bodies are designed to be all day long. To regulate your body temperature as a nurse, compression socks designed for nurses are one of the best things to do. That way, no matter how crazy the day maybe, you don’t have to suffer through sweaty feet or an overheated body!

Nurses play such a vital role in the health care system and deserve to have the best socks possible! With compression socks for nurses, they will be able to withstand long hours on their feet, feel comfortable with what they are wearing and not feel physically exhausted at the end of their shift. The best socks for nurses are the ones that give their feet the most support possible!