Shaving 101Shaving 101

Shaving is considered by many to be an art form. You have to be extremely precise to get a good shave. A good shave is important because it is part of your appearance. A good shave makes you look good and feel good. Shaving has evolved with the times though. New razors are frequently coming out claiming that they are better than their predecessors. Who knows if that's a true statement or not. Every guy has their own shaving routine that they follow. There is no right or wrong way to shave. Everyone does as they please.

Some men use shaving cream, some just use soap, some use shaving gel and some get fancy and use a heating shaving cream dispenser that dispenses warm shaving cream which is good for your skin and is supposed to give you a better shave. Whatever you use is entirely up to every man that shaves. You also get to decide what type of razor you use. There's the cheap disposable razors, then you have your lower end to higher end cartridge razors with either two, three, four or five blades. You can also use a straight blade which you need to learn how to use but gives you the closest shave. Again it all depends on every individual's preference.

So whatever you use and works for you is a good shaving routine. As long as you use shaving cream, gel, or warm shaving cream. Then after you're done shaving make sure to use an after shave lotion or moisturizer. It's very important that you follow these three steps to get the best shave possible. Or maybe you use an electric shaver. Now that is something totally different. The only bad thing about electric razors is that they dont shave as close as an actual razor. If you're okay with that then go for it. Whatever works for each and every one of you.

Shaving is a task that most men deal with daily. It can cause irritation, razor burns and nicks. Men with dry and sensitive skin are especially at risk. To protect the delicate facial skin from the abrasiveness of a razor, you should use a shaving cream or shaving gel. So shaving cream or shaving gel? What’s the difference between the two? They both lubricate and moisturize to help you get a clean shave with minimal irritation, but which should you choose? There really isn't too much of a difference between the two. One problem with shaving creams is that they are cheap and usually come in an aerosol can. Aerosol cans dry out your skin. Another issue is that the foam from shaving creams tends to clog your razor after just a pass or two across your face. This causes you to have to constantly rinse your razor, taking more time to get done shaving. Shaving gels are a more lubricating option for shaving, providing more protection against skin irritation from a razor. So just find something that'll go with your skin type like sensitive or dry skin and go with it. It really is each man's preference.

Regardless of what you prefer to use, the important thing is that you use something. For both before and after you shave and also make sure you are using a good sharp razor. Do this and your shaving experience will change. You'll get a better shave and feel fresh and lubricated. So at the end of the day this is all entirely up to you. You make the choice for yourself because no one else knows your skin better than you do. So hopefully you make the right choice. God bless!