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We can’t do without a Christmas tree on Christmas day. It’s a must-have accessory to complete your home’s Christmas makeover and ensemble. Not only that, where will Santa put his best gifts when he comes on Christmas Eve, huh?

But setting up a Christmas is easier said than done. You have to get it right with the perfect spot to place the tree, the decorations, lighting, and whatnot – little wonder most see it as a daunting task. However, you can always choose ease over stress with these simple steps – divided into three stages (this will be a lifesaver if it’s just you doing the work with no one to help out).

You can always thank us with a Christmas-y box of chocolate bars and cookies later. But for now, let’s get right into it.


1. Pick Up Your Christmas tree

There are several things to factor into consideration when purchasing a Christmas tree. Are you going for an artificial or natural tree? Are the size, height, and width proportional to the size of your room? What color of tree will you prefer? Will you be decorating it with heavy or light ornaments?

These are all questions you need to answer for yourself. They contribute to the success of setting up the perfect tree. A slim tree will be ideal if you do not have enough room space A Cypress tree is the right choice for very lightweight ornaments, while a Spruce is likely to give your kids stitch-worthy bruises with its very pointy needles(so avoid if you have kids).

You also want to buy your tree the period closer to Christmas(second or third week of December) instead of earlier – if it’s a real tree. This is because it could become dry, brittle, and mangy-looking before you eventually set it up. However, if you’re going for an artificial tree, you can get it earlier.

2. Bringing Your Tree Home

You obviously can’t bring a newborn home without setting up the nursery. This is the same for your precious Christmas tree. You should create a cool dark place to store your tree until you’re ready to put it up. And while at it, keep it in a bucket of water and care for it by watching and watering it until it’s time to go into the house.

And if you choose to set it up immediately after bringing it home, cut off the tree’s bottom trunk (about an inch) and put it in a tree stand that can hold at least one gallon of water to allow the tree to drink water and stay hydrated.


1. Leave the Needles Out

Now it’s time to put up your tree. You want to shake off the tree to get rid of debris, insects, and loose and dead needles. You may also give it a bath by hosing it get out everything a shake-off couldn’t get rid of. You should also cut the base of the tree to create an opening for it to absorb water after you put it in a stand and water it – this can make or mar your tree and the whole process, so you must give it a fresh cut before taking it in.

2. Tree Placement

Never place your tree close to heat or fire. While it may look dreamy beside the fireplace, that’s a potential fire hazard(sorry to disappoint you). Other heat sources will likely dry out your tree, so close to the heat vent is off the list too. You should also consider standing your tree in an area with enough room for gifts and people to move around – in other words, ensure it’s not obstructing movement, natural light, and air or posing as an obstacle.

Place your tree in a tree stand that will accommodate its size and hold enough water quantity. Ensure the stand is tightly screwed to keep the tree in place and prevent it from toppling over when you’re not watching. After doing this, add a gallon of water immediately to the stand to keep it thirst-free. For the use of other watering systems, follow the instructions on the manual.


1. Place a Tree Skirt at the Base of the Tree

While a tree skirt serves the vital purpose of holding the gifts that will be kept at the tree’s foot and covering up the stand so that it doesn’t make an odd sight, it also makes for a good décor piece to add color to your Christmas home style for the holidays.

2. String Your Lights

Ensure each light bulb is functional before lighting up your tree. Start stringing from the bottom of the tree and work your way to the top. Work the light strands along the tree branches (not against) and make sure connectors are securely tucked behind the branches. What you want to see is a lit-up tree void of protruding distractions like exposed cords.

Pro tip: LED Lights are environmentally-friendly and will add magic to your decoration.

3. Hang Your Ornaments

Are you going for a themed home style for the holidays feel, or are you open to just anything? Get you ornaments that communicate what theme you’re going for, and if you have no specifics at heart, then the usual Christmas décor will do.

Hang heavy ornaments on sturdy branches or close to the tree’s base to support their weight and prevent them from falling down. And if you want to add the all-time Christmas star or angel décor, fix it at the top of the tree.

Bonus: The end of your decoration doesn’t equate to the end of caring for your tree. You should still water your tree frequently, so it doesn’t die of thirst – literally.


And there you have it! All done and ready! With a Christmas tree set up like this, Santa is sure to leave more than one best gift each for you and your loved ones this Christmas.

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You have a merry Christmas!

Photo by Charlie Robert on Unsplash