Practices to Keep Your Weed Fresh and Retain its QualityPractices to Keep Your Weed Fresh and Retain its Quality

Every enthusiastic weed smoker knows that the best marijuana experience is when you have quality products. That is why they will ensure that they get their weed from reliable vendors like i49. While the possibility of having marijuana staying around for a long time is high, it is still vital to know the best ways to store it.

Fresh weed is good weed, and you have to do something to keep it fresh. With the right guide and tips, you can have your weed staying fresh for long. Here are the must-do things when it comes to marijuana storage.

1. Store in a cool, dry place

The best place to store marijuana is in a cool, dark, and dry place. Store it in an airtight container to prevent the development of mold. Otherwise, the TCH content in the cannabis will be lost, and other compounds will be affected, making the weed less effective.

You could store the container in the cabinets or bathroom drawers provided the conditions are optimal.

2. Use sealed bags for storage

Sealed bags are also ideal for weed storage. They are suitable for traveling as they do not take too much space and easy to blend in with other storage items. However, ensure that it is airtight so that the scent does not leak out.

A Ziploc plastic bag will keep the moisture away and keep the weed fresh and free from mold. If the weed has a distinctively strong scent, consider layering the sealed bags to provide extra protection.

3. Buy just enough weed

Unless a shortage has been announced, there is no point in buying more than you need. The weed will exceed its shelf life, and its quality will diminish. The best way to go about it is getting enough. Alternatively, you can opt to plant feminized seeds in your garden so that you can have fresh weed when you need it.

Keep adequate supply that will give you a fresh experience.

4. Use materials that will absorb moisture

As aforementioned, moisture will make your weed develop mold. More so, too much humidity in your weed can affect the compounds' balance and affect the flavor.

You, therefore, should consider keeping moisture away from your stash as much as possible. Humidity control packs and materials will go a long way in maintaining the appropriate humidity in your stash.

There are also weed humidors you should invest in if you are an enthusiastic smoker. This will keep your weed in the perfect condition for smoking. If you prefer also buying a huge stash to keep you going for months, this is a worthy investment to make.

5. Avoid high temperature

Do not expose your weed to sunlight or heat. Note that humidity also varies with heat, and this may cause your weed to be soaked with moisture. This could lead to the formation of mold and mildew, which will contaminate your weed.

Just as in the same case with smoking, THC is released when exposed to heat. This means that the more you expose your product to heat, the more THC is lost, and by the time you smoke, it will not give you the high that you need.

Heat also makes the cannabis smell strong; it is probably something that you don’t need. Please keep it away from the kitchen and in windows or direct sunlight.

6. Never store your weed in the freezer

It is easy to think that weed should be stored like vegetables. Keeping weed in the freezer will not keep it as fresh as you need it. Keeping weed in the refrigerator will increase the risk of developing mold and mildew.

More so, extremely low temperatures usually break the trichomes and some of the compounds affecting its effectiveness when consuming it. Keeping your weed in the refrigerator is therefore not a good idea. You are better off storing it in a sealed container in a cool location in your home.

7. Do not store your weed alongside other things

Some stoners make the mistake of keeping their weed alongside other items like matchboxes, lighters, and other personal effects. This can interfere with the quality of your product. Note that the stench or smells from the different materials may be absorbed into the weed.

This can diminish your experience of smoking your weed. Have designated storage for your weed, away from other items, and you will always enjoy a perfect experience.

8. Use glass containers

Storage containers come in a variety of materials. There is plastic, wood, and glass. Plastic containers are not recommended as they are usually sweaty when temperatures fluctuate. This can introduce moisture to your weed while in storage, which may end up contaminating it.

Wooden containers may also allow air and moisture to sip in the storage. This can lead to the development of mildew and mold with time. Use mason jars or glass containers with airtight seals to keep your weed fresh for a long time.

9. Freeze the buds if it is for long term storage

You should not store your weed in the refrigerator if it is short term. As you open and close the fridge, there are temperature fluctuations, which can damage the weed. Freezing your buds is, however, allowed. Frozen buds will maintain the temperature for a long time and stay fresh for years.

In this case, use freezer bags to freeze the buds and wrap them in aluminum foil. This will maintain the same temperature and prevent contamination.


If you want to enjoy your experience with weed, you must practice the best handling practices. Storage matters, and you should ensure that the state of compounds is maintained. Cool, dry and dark environments are the optimal conditions for storing weed.

Keep your weed protected from moisture and mildew by storing it in glass containers with airtight seals. Avoid plastic as it tends to sweat and if you are holding a large volume, use weed humidors to balance the moisture.

To ensure that you smoke quality and fresh weed, consider also procuring smaller volumes so that they don’t stay in storage too long.

Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash