Popular Men’s Necklace Styles for 2021 Popular Men’s Necklace Styles for 2021

Wearing a necklace is common in both men and women. As time progresses, people tend to wear a necklace as it has become the trend nowadays. It's is becoming popular in men since when celebrities started wearing different necklaces.

It’s completely effortless and takes no time while wearing a necklace. Are you fond of wearing the necklace? Yes, definitely. Well, you might be confused about which is the best necklace for men.

Here, in this article, we have a list of popular mens necklaces that you can have as your first choice as per requirements.

Without any delay, let’s discuss the top 5 popular necklaces for men in 2021.

1. Rope chain necklaces

These necklaces are pretty trendy in 2021 as everyone wants to go for them. As the name represents, it consists of a chain-linked with a small, twisted spiral pattern to make a rope-like chain. Their usage is commonly in business people and folk singers. Its grand style makes wonders in the market and adds to the personality who wears it.

The rope chain is designed so that it cannot be break easily as it consists of stainless steel.

2. Figaro chain necklaces

These are one of their kind. These chains are made up of extensive links (after every three links) whose shape is similar to an oval. Although they have been initially made in Italy in the 1990s, their usage has been spread worldwide. It has become trendy in 2021, which has raised its demand.

Usually, one needs no pendant to wear a Figaro necklace, but its current style requires a pendant. Their unique style fetches the public towards itself. Figaro chain necklaces are available in both gold and silver forms. You can choose either a gold chain or a silver chain as per your requirements.

3. Curb chain necklaces

These necklaces are on trending along with Figaro and Rope chain necklaces. Their design is a simple yet attractive one. If you're to wear any necklace on any occasion or party function, then a curb chain necklace is an excellent choice as it is thin in size (5mm). Most of the time, these chains are worn without the pendant.

A curb chain necklace is composed of tiny links similar in size, unlike a Figaro chain necklace. It's available in gold and black color. Both colors look fantastic on you, but the black one is becoming popular with each passing day.

4. Cuban link necklaces

Cuban link necklaces are the tending ones in 2021. The composition is unique in itself. The tiny links are connected in a rope-like pattern. These links are oval. It is equally popular in formal and informal life. People like to wear it at parties as well as on formal occasions.

Though it has been under use since back, their unique styles are still captivating the men in 2021. Cuban link necklaces are versatile; however, gold chains are the most adaptable and commonly used when it comes to having a great look by wearing Cuban chain necklaces.

5. Box chain necklaces

These chains are simple made up of square links that are interlinked with one another so that a smooth structure is built. Adding a pendant to have a pretty look adds to its beauty. Its other name is the Venetian chain.

If you want to look glamorous as per fashion needs, you must go with round box chain necklaces. Moreover, these chains are strong enough that they cannot be break easily. You can shorten the round box chain if you feel like wearing a small chain.