NANO Hearing Aids Among the TOP Electronic Gadgets for 2021

This year we’ve seen humanity adapt and take on a new approach to traditional life. There has been a surge of new technology and software being developed, merged with years of experience, innovation, and modernization. Along with this, we’re now experiencing the ‘technological boom’ in every industry – from home office equipment, electric cars, smartphones, and more importantly the advancement of hearing aid technology, we’re now living in the most advanced era than we could’ve imagined ten years ago.

2021 will be no different in terms of tech and software, and we did some research on what the latest tech gadgets for 2021 will be like. There’s an array of interesting gadgets coming to the market, some will improve home life, while others adapt to your lifestyle – each of these new gadgets have been designed to function according to our human needs and pleasure.

Tile Mate

This is something we’ve all been waiting for – a small, lightweight tech gadget that has a Bluetooth tracker installed. It’s not yet said when we can expect the Tile Mate, but users can now attach it to their keys, toys, and other small items and use their smartphone to track the device. It’s also waterproof and fitted with a two-way following component.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

Lenovo has yet again surprised consumers with its foldable display “mini-computer.” The 13.3-inch display comes with a magnetic keyboard, advanced Windows Ink that offers better pen-based function – making it a better option if you’re struggling to decide between a laptop or a tablet. Lenovo managed to capture both the design and functionality of both products into one with the ThinkPad X1.

NANO Sigma

Laptops, tablets, smartphones, and cameras aren’t the only tech gadgets getting better upgrades for 2021. The all-American digital hearing aid company, NANO has already attracted a lot of attention during 2020, and 2021 looks no different. The NANO Sigma has built-in Bluetooth connectivity making it easy to adjust settings via your smartphone. Additionally, the Sigma is also smaller in size compared to other hearing aids, wireless, directional microphone technology, and has additional noise reduction tech and software. Looking over some NANO hearing aid reviews and what Audicus has to say, NANO is extremely popular and leading the hearing aid industry in the US.

BMW i3 Urban Suite

Rethink what ridesharing or private transportation can be, as BMW is adding more class and a lot of luxury to the i3 Urban Suite. The vehicle will comprise of one driver seat and one passenger seat that comes fitted with a small side table, a desk lamp, coat hanger, heated cupholders, and simulated acoustic sealing for added privacy. Business executives, celebrities, and politicians will enjoy added luxury and comfort during daily commutes.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor

Curved televisions and computer monitors are sweeping across the world, and in the gaming world, curved monitors have become a go-to choice for many gaming professionals and enthusiasts. The Odyssey G9 Monitor will have a QLED 49-inch screen, 1440p resolution, and a 1 millisecond response time. The AMD FreeSync 2 and Nvidia G-sync support systems will offer a more enjoyable game time, minimizing framerate loss and less tearing.

Hydroloop Water Recycling System

Sustainability, minimizing carbon-footprints, and living more eco-consciously have become more prominent in our modern lives. In the dawn of the “eco-movement”, the Hydropool water recycler will offer a six maintenance-free filtration system that will turn greywater into reusable water for toilets, pools, and irrigation systems. The water recycling system is set to recycle up to 85% of household greywater, a great invention that might just help us be more aware of our impact on the environment.

Polar Vantage V

Sports enthusiasts, outdoor extremists, and sprinters will be able to track running force, heartbeat, GPS, and 40-hour battery life. A relatively small gadget and wearable watch that will now come standard with telephone warning features during exercise routines – this is sure to become the best and most notable running and exercise piece for 2021.

Fisker Ocean

Tesla has been leading the electric automotive industry in 2020, but they might see strong competition in 2021. Fisker will be using their luxury SUV, the Ocean as a testament to what sustainable and eco-friendly vehicles can become. The all-electric comes with a fitted roof solar panel for ongoing battery charging, vegan leather interior, and makes use of recycled nylon and polyester throughout the design. We hope other electric car companies will follow similar roads in the coming years.

2021 is sure to set the bar exceedingly high considering new technology and software gadgets that will see both companies and consumers focusing on sustainability in design and gadget functionality. More so, newer gadgets like these listed have eliminated the traditional approach – improving consumer lifestyles through modernization of tech and software.