Memorialize Your Loved Ones With an Eterneva DiamondMemorialize Your Loved Ones With an Eterneva Diamond

When tragedy strikes, the first thought can be how nothing will be the same. While that may be true, there still stands different pillars of hope and purpose. One of the ways to create hope and purpose out of loss is by memorializing the special life that you were blessed to live alongside. Remembering the life of your loved ones is one of the greatest ways to honor their presence in your own life, while also keeping their memory alive. Creating a memorial diamond with Eterneva might be just the right fit for you in journeying through this process of grief.

What is a Memorial Diamond?

A traditional diamond is created through a series of critical components that occur naturally in the environment on earth. The right combination of heat and pressure is necessary to create a diamond. A memorial diamond is no different. However, the naturally occurring environmental factors are created within a laboratory. The very elements used to create a memorial diamond, however, are different from that of a traditional diamond. Using your loved ones ashes, the memorial diamond will be created and grown. Following a series of stages, your memorial diamond will be created to fit your preferences and will honor the life of your loved one that way you envisioned.

Who is Behind Eterneva?

Before you start the journey to create your memorial diamond, it’s important to understand who is behind the efforts.

Adelle Archer and Garrett Ozar are co-founders of the organization. Their mission in creating memorial diamonds for themselves, their loved ones, and for their customers was found through the journey of their own personal loss and grief.

Adelle lost a beloved mentor of hers several years ago. After this, she came up with the idea of turning her ashes into a memorial diamond to honor her life in the most significant way she could imagine. From this, an entire company was born.

Made with love, put through a specific creation process, and touched with personalization, your memorial diamond will represent every memory and the precious life of the ones you lost. No Eterneva diamond scam exists. This is as good as it sounds. Your loved ones will be cherished forever when you choose to memorialize their lives with a business who knows what it's like to grieve. Your memorial diamond creation process can be a healing one. The result will be having a diamond at the end of it that signifies everything that is most important to you.

Trust the Process

The process of creating a diamond is a long one. However, good things take time. There are a few stages and steps in the diamond making process that are good to have a basic knowledge of, so you know what to expect.

Carbon purification: your loved one’s ashes will be put into an environment where the carbon elements can be separated, isolated, and purified. Through this purification process, what remains is a substance called carbon graphite powder. This is the very element used to create and grow your diamond.

Growing your diamond takes a significant amount of time. It could take up to three months to grow your raw diamond to the size that is appropriate for cutting, assessing, and grading. With laboratory created conditions, your diamond will grow.

After it has grown, it is time to assess your diamond in order to ensure that it is up to par with the kind of diamond quality that you deserve.

Once it is assessed, your diamond can be cut in order to give it that brilliance and sparkle that everyone loves with a diamond.

Each and every one of these stages is carefully executed to make sure that you get the best when honoring your loved one’s life.

Your Personal Touch

Another fantastic feature of memorial diamonds are the personalization options. There are several aspects that you get the freedom in selecting.

Diamond color: a variety of colors are available. Choose from red, yellow, green, blue, white, or black color options.

Engraving options: you can engrave what you wish right onto the face of the diamond.

Jewelry setting: design the setting your diamond will sit on to give it the exact look you want.

With each of these personalizations, your memorial diamond will represent your taste and will memorialize your loved one’s life.

Let it Last

A memorial diamond is timeless and priceless. The memories live on in your mind, and the value of their life can be symbolized in a gorgeous diamond. Carry the memory of your loved one forever with a memorial diamond.