Let Your Personality Shine with Safety Googles from StogglesLet Your Personality Shine with Safety Googles from Stoggles

Could you imagine losing vision in one or both eyes? On average there are about two thousand work-related eye injuries every day in the United States. Whether these injuries result in permanent or temporary loss of vision, wearing proper eye protection could have prevented or at least reduced the injury in the first place.

Work-related eye injuries are not uncommon. Typically, when you think of these possible injuries you would think about a carpenter, a welder, construction worker, plumber. Though cleaners suffer eye injuries often. Working with chemicals can backfire. It is easy to wipe the back of your hand to your eye. Or have a backsplash of a detergent or spray get into your eyes.

Having protective eye gear is essential. You never know where disaster may strike, and it’s best to be prepared. Protective goggles are often worn during constructing or welding. Nobody wants to wear those heavy, tacky, hunk of plastic goggles, especially not out in public. You can stay safe and stylish by wearing Stoggles. Stoggles are a type of protective eyewear that will turn heads, for all the right reasons. They look like your typical everyday eyeglasses.

Choosing a pair is super easy when you know exactly what you like. With the huge variety of shapes and colors to choose from, it may be harder to pick just one. You can look your best while ensuring that your eyes are protected. Stoggles don’t look out of place, they look like simple eyeglasses.

Do you wear glasses or contacts already? You can get your prescription in a pair of Stoggles with ease. If contacts are more your thing, you can continue to wear them and get a non-prescriptive pair instead. That way you can leave that old bent out-of-shape frames behind, while you rock any of the awesome styles and hues of Stoggles.

Make sure your personality isn’t dulled by boring eyewear. Stoggles has so many colors to choose from. You can pick which matches your personality and style preference. You can choose something more natural or tame like black, grey, or clear. However, if you wanna stand out or make a statement, perhaps sky blue, mint green, coral red, champagne, or even lilac has more of your what you are looking for. They also have different frame styles and some different fit types.

Do you know that blue light is harmful to the eyes? Blue light is a light that is emitted from technology devices and their screens. Without realizing it, you have put your eyes at risk. Spending too much time watching your favorite shows on TV, or even scrolling through social media for hours affects your vision and eye health. Blue light blocks out a hormone that your brain releases called melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that allows us to feel tired or sleepy. It helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

If you have to sit at a screen for work or school, you may be at risk for digital eye strain. Digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome can cause the muscles in your eyes to become fatigued. If you have to sit in front of screens all day, it is best to be prepared with blue light suppressing eyewear. It is also advised to combat blue light and digital eye strain by having your screens at least two feet in front of you when you have to focus on them.

UV rays and light can also cause damage to your eyes. Going out in the sun for long periods without proper protection can cause dry eyes and in more severe cases, keratitis. Photokeratitis or keratitis is a condition in which the eyes are temporarily damaged due to UV rays or light.

This painful condition is a sunburn, except it’s in and on your eyes. Beware, as the sun is not the only source to emit these dangerous rays of light. Welder’s torches, tanning beds, and even the water’s reflective surface can cause keratitis. Protect your eyes on sunny days by wearing sunshades or another UV-resistant pair of eye protectants.

All in all, if you are looking for an awesome way to keep your eyesight protected, Stoggles has got you covered. They are affordable, fashionable, and reliable. This awesome eyewear also has different types of lenses, from light-responsive, single vision, progressive, readers, and any prescription you need can be made. They protect your eyes from all angles. They have lenses on the front and shields on the side. However, they are not heavy like construction goggles, they fit like a normal pair of glasses.

Protection from harmful UV rays and blue light is just a bonus. Not to mention that they also have anti-fog lens technology. They will not fog up when you need to eat or drink something hot, or when you are traveling through cold weather. Stoggles can be worn by the whole family, yes kids can wear them too. You could give and your family a safer better option in protective eyewear.