Is it Time to Change Up Your Shampoo?Is it Time to Change Up Your Shampoo?

Out of all the hair care products that you use, the one that gets the most attention is the shampoo. It is a product that you use every day, and it has the most impact on your hair. However, it is something that most people pay the least attention to and that can often lead to problems. You should be able to figure out when it is time for you to switch shampoos. And yes, believe it or not, that is an actual thing that you must do every once in a while.

The key to making sure that your hair stay healthy and strong is to know when to change your shampoo and conditioner. While the conditioner may not be the most urgent thing, the shampoo needs special attention, and to tell when it is time to make a change, you need to consider the following factors.

1. Accumulation of gunk

Believe it or not, but our hair can actually get used to a certain type of shampoo after a while. When that happens, the most visible result that we can see is the accumulation of grime and gunk in our hair. This is the easiest thing to see as you can immediately tell when your hair is starting to accumulate gunk. This is not the gunk that you see after not having showered for a day or two. Instead, you start seeing this right after you take a shower, thereby providing the proof that your shampoo is no longer effective. When you see that, go and get a different shampoo right away as the gunk will only increase in quantity if you keep using the same shampoo. It is worth noting that this method is also the least proactive as the damage is already being done by the time you notice.

2. Dry strands of hair

One of the key functions of shampoos is to provide you with a silky effect on your hair. Is that feeling gets replaced with that of dryness and frizz, you can be sure that your sample stopped working. The main reason you use shampoo is to get rid of that dry feeling which comes usually when you have not had a good shower in a while. Typically, when you put your hands through your hair, what you feel is your hair getting all brittle and weak. This is the signature feeling of frizz in your hair, and you should immediately go and shop for a new shampoo. Try to find something that provides nourishment and moisturizes your hair because chances are your current shampoo was meant to stop that from happening.

3. Limp hair

Last but certainly not least is a feeling of limpness in your hair. You might not notice this at first but your hair will feel lifeless and will be unable to retain their style properly. No matter how much effort you put into making that favorite hairstyle of yours, it will not still the same for long. This usually happens when you have been using a shampoo that performs poorly against the buildup of material in your hair. You should be able to the sense of revitalization in your hair after you wash them. And to do that, you need a change in your shampoo, preferably to one that provides nourishment while also removing all the grime and gunk in your hair.


It is quite clear that going natural is the only right thing to do for your hair. Products that can undo all the rough treatment that your hair face without harming them cannot be expected to come from chemically created products. Find natural ingredients that work, and you will surely see a big difference in your hair.