Instagram Guides – Everything You Need to Know About This New FeatureInstagram Guides

Instagram is a platform that always seeks to expand with new, interesting features. One of the latest ones that they have introduced is Instagram Guides, which brings you more opportunities to create amazing content. Through these Guides, you can showcase products, brands, or your oldest posts, which will drive traffic to all of your content. However, before you create a Guide, remember to buy Instagram followers from to boost your account. Furthermore, if you are using your older posts, buy likes on Instagram for them so that they attract more users.

In this article, you are going to learn everything you need to know about Instagram Guides so that you start creating them immediately.

What Are Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides was a feature first developed for the traveling niche. Later, it expanded to the wellness niche, and right now, it is available to every user on any possible subject. This feature allows you to create content that resembles a blog post. For an Instagram Guide, you will have to choose posts or products from your profile or Instagram shop. Then, you can choose a cover image and write a description for every post you have included in the Guide.

When you start creating Guides, your account will gain a new tab between your feed and your IGTV. This way, every user visiting your account will gain easy access to them. However, remember to buy Instagram followers to promote them.

How to Create an Instagram Guide

Now that you know what an Instagram Guide is, it is time to start creating them. As we have already explained, you can create a Guide using either your posts or your Shop’s products. Below, you will find out how to create a Guide using both of these types of content.

To create an Instagram Guide using your older posts, you have to follow these steps:

1. Tap on your screen to create a new post and select the option “Guide”.

2. Select the option “Posts”.

3. Choose the post you would like to include. In addition to this, you can also include your saved posts by other public accounts.

4. Tap the “Change Cover Photo” to upload the Guide’s cover you have prepared.

5. Write the title and description.

6. Tap “Add Place” to add the other posts you would like in your Guide.

7. Repeat the process for every post you want to add.

8. Once your Guide is complete, tap “Share” to publish it.

To create an Instagram Guide using your products, you have to do the following:

1. Select to post a “Guide” and then, choose the “Products” options.

2. Search for the product you want to include. Moreover, you can also include products from your wishlist. Once you find the product, you can select the images to add.

3. Tap the “Change Cover Photo” to upload the new Guide’s cover.

4. Tap the “Add Products” option to add the rest of the products for your Guide.

5. Once done, tap the “Share” button to push it.

With these steps, your Instagram Guide will become live. When everything is set, remember to buy likes on Instagram to let it reach a wide audience.

Creative Ideas to Attract More Users

Creating an Instagram Guide is a simple process. Therefore, you can immediately start creating them to enhance your account. If you buy Instagram followers, you can take advantage of your increased traffic to promote your content. Below, you will find interesting ideas for various Guides.

#1 A List of Best Places to Visit in your Area

Guides were first created for the traveling niche, and for this reason, they are great in featuring various places. To explore this option, you will have to share your posts that show interesting places from your area. Don’t hesitate to buy likes on Instagram for your featured posts so that you make them even more visible.

#2 A List of your Favorite Products

Another great idea for an Instagram Guide is to compile a list of your favorite products. In fact, this is an amazing idea to showcase the brands that you are collaborating with. Depending on your niche, you have to highlight different products. In any case, if you buy Instagram followers, you can be sure that your Guide will reach the right audience.

#3 Create a Collection of your Posts with a Similar Theme

Another Guide that will be fun to create is a list of your posts that share similar themes. By including your older posts, you can drive more traffic and engagement to them. Of course, you can also buy likes on Instagram, a strategy that will bring your posts to a wide audience. However, by placing them in a Guide, you can create collections for every type of user. Examine your feed and find out how many Guides you can create.

#4 Create a Ranked List

Users on the Internet love lists of any type. Therefore, you can apply this fact to your Instagram Guide. Depending on your niche, you can create various lists that show your preferences, such as your favorite movies of all time or even your favorite moments of the year.

#5 Use Guides to Create a How-To Tutorial

Another extremely popular type of content on the Internet is the how-to tutorial. Users search for this type of content to learn how to do anything. Therefore, a Guide will be perfect for this. Find out what your followers are interested in and create a tutorial that they will appreciate. Once it’s ready, buy likes on Instagram to boost it and bring it to more users.

#6 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones

Lastly, you can create an Instagram Guide that lists gift ideas. This type of Guide is similar to the list of your favorite products as it will showcase the products that you love. Furthermore, it is the right place to promote your sponsored content.

Instagram Guides is a new feature that you need to explore. When you start creating them, buy Instagram followers from to reach a wide audience.




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