How To Wear Rave Clothing Day or Night? How To Wear Rave Clothing Day or Night?

So, you have booked tickets to a Rave party and are wondering what to wear. Most of you might be looking forward to the party and want to look your best. Well, there are many brands that sell rave clothing.

Every occasion demands the right type of clothing. You can't be wearing your regular office clothes for a RAVE party! Hence, you need to invest in clothes that look ideal for a RAVE party.

Here are some rave clothing ideas for you:

· Comfortable shoes - sneakers, boots, or open-toed shoes would be perfect. It all depends on your comfort level.

· Bandana/Face mask - It gives you a hippie feel. You can wrap your hair with a bandana or wear a cool face mask. You will look mysterious, and it also goes with the Rave party theme.

· Face glitter and jewels are recommended. You can DIY or ask an expert painter to do the needful. Call your friends over to help you with face glitter and jewels.

· Rave glasses look spectacular. They have funky lights and come in peculiar shapes too. You can get beer-shape glasses, star-shape glasses, and even LED glowing glasses. Neon party goggles are meant for rave parties as they glow in the dark and look quite jazzy.

The question is - How to wear rave clothing day or night?

Here are some cool ideas that you might like.

Rave Clothing For Women - Quick Styling Tips

Rave clothing is quite creative and bold. Women don't shy away from wearing a cut-out bodysuits and shorts & a bikini top. Nobody minds dressing up that way because everyone at the party is focused on one thing - dancing, enjoying, and getting intoxicated.

Reflective clothing has also become a trend at RAVE parties. Reflective clothes include jackets, mesh bodysuits, loose pants, and skirts.

Booty shorts with bikini tops are also a great option for women who do not want any restrictive movements.

Rave parties are all about dancing, mingling, and enjoying. You wouldn't want to wear something too covered or uncomfortable. Every occasion has a dress code, right? Let's say you are headed to a pajama party. You will carry pajamas and cute shorts. The purpose of the party is to relax, gossip, and dance.

Rave clothing is sexy both for men and women. We see women wearing fishnet skirts and pants. They look quite attractive!

If you are not into bold clothing, you can simply wear an oversized tee and feel comfortable. It's all about comfort!

Oversized tees are something you can wear the entire day/night. The same goes for bodysuits. Bodysuits are quite comfortable, and you can pair them with mesh pants or a skirt. This way, you will not feel uncomfortable stepping out during day time.

Rave Clothing for Men - Quick Styling Tips

Men should not worry too much as their clothing options are quite limited yet cool.

You can wear a tank or a cool slogan T-shirt. These T-shirts can have slogans like, 'Keep Calm & Rave On.'

You can also wear reflective clothing. It glows in the dark!

If you want to stand out in the crowd, consider buying LED gloves for the party.

Men can also go shirtless for the party. If you feel comfortable showing off your abs, take off your shirt and wear distressed blue jeans.

The next best thing you could wear is a hoodie. Hoodies with jeans look great for RAVE parties. Once again, it can have cool slogans.

Summing Up

Men can actually wear RAVE clothing any time of the day. Women can also wear their bikini tops with jeans or a skirt. Once the party is on, they can take it off and flaunt their booty shorts and mesh skirts.

Leg wraps are also trending at RAVE parties. So, you can build a wardrobe by shopping for some really interesting RAVE clothing. Go ahead and shop till you drop!