How to Wear Booty Shorts for Every Occasion?How to Wear Booty Shorts for Every Occasion?

Apart from the summer season, if you’re going for a jogging or morning walk on cold days, you can wear leggings pair below the booty shorts.

Along with finding the best fit booty shorts, you need to wear the matching boot not only just based on your body size, but it can also fit your style you’re going with.

As summer comes forward, people tend to show their bodies. But here, the question arises how can one wear the best-fit booty shorts?

Here, your query will not be unanswered anymore. Here you go!

1. Get the right fit

As far as wearing shorts is concerned, you need to pay extra attention to what looks good on you. Don’t get it? Alright. Let’s be the more simple. Know what your body size is; in regards to bump size, thigh size, it all depends on your choice. Things that you must be taken care of

a. Rest assured, the shorts don’t hurt your belly but the most suitable ones.

b. Make sure your shorts are not too open that your hips don’t suit them.

c. Short booty shorts make your hips hanging out of your shorts.

2. Wear undergarments

Make sure to wear proper undergarments whenever you wear booty shorts. Certain things you need to consider

a. Your shorts shouldn’t be too small that your undergarments peak through

b. Tight material shorts shouldn’t be used, or else they will show bagginess.

c. Make your underwear out of wear wearing the double-check.

3. Matching of color with the top outfit

Wearing the wrong color combination won’t get you far. Keep in mind that the design and color you’re wearing above must suit the lower ones (shorts). Trying to match everything can be challenging but well worth the effort. Light and dark are the best fashion combination.

4. Don’t wear long tops.

Well, if you’re wearing booty shorts, avoid going with longer tops. The tops should be higher than the shorts as people tend to show skin when they wear them.

5. Wear the proper shoes

Wearing booty shorts doesn’t make sense if you don’t wear proper shoes. You can wear any type of shoes, including booties and thigh-high boots as long as it matches.