How to Use Sewing Clips: A Step-by-Step Guide

You may have recently heard of sewing clips, also known as wonder clips and quilting clips.

They are plastic clips that come in a variety of sizes. This way you can purchase the best size to fit your project.

If you are trying to do something that needs larger clips they are available but you will be able to get more use out of the smaller clips. If you are just going to invest in one size, the smaller ones will be more useful in the long run.

Sewing clips are growing in popularity because they make many sewing projects easier. If you are curious how these small clips could make anything easier, you have come to the right place. They are a great addition to any sewing kit.

Using Sewing Clips While Quilting

One way you can use the sewing clips is to help hold down the binding on the patchwork pieces while you are stitching it into place. You can do this task without the sewing clips but you will be making your life much more difficult.

You want to take your binding and fold it over the patchwork piece as you normally would then place a sewing clip about every 3-6 inches down the edge. Make sure you pull the binding snug so it will be exactly where you want it.

As you start stitching each time you get to a clip just simply remove it. As you finish one side of the binding repeat the steps to the new side. Sewing clips will make quilting so much simpler you can even use the clips to keep all your patchwork pieces together so nothing gets misplaced.

Using Sewing Clips on Every Day Sewing Projects

You can actually use sewing clips in many different ways. If you are making anything that requires you to connect two pieces of fabric the sewing clips are great to use to help hold the material in place.

For Example, say that you are making a simple pillow you can place the two pieces of fabric on top of each other with the pattern side in. Then just take the sewing clips and clip along the edges about every 3-6 inches where you want the seam to be.

Then as you run it through the machine you can just remove each sewing clip as you arrive at it. The clips will make sure the fabric stays in place as you sew and help you to keep your seam straight.

Sewing Clips Can Be Used Anytime You Would Use A Pin

If you get sick of pricking yourself with pins, you can always use a sewing clip instead. It will not only keep you from pricking your fingers, but it will also keep you from damaging your fabric. When you are working with things like leather you do not want any extra holes in the fabric.

Sewing Clips Are An Absolute Must-Have

Now that you know how useful sewing clips are, there is no reason for you to ever prick yourself with another pin. These clips are called wonder clips for a good reason. They will save you so much time when you are quilting.

Sewing clips will save you from fighting constantly with your material while you are trying to stitch your binding. They will also help you to always end up with straight seams when sewing on your machine.

You will appreciate the clips when you are working with a delicate material that you do not want to poke holes in with pins. It is time to order some sewing clips today so that you never have to prick yourself with a stupid pin again.