How To Turn Any Room Into The Perfect Home TheaterHow To Turn Any Room Into The Perfect Home Theater

Investing in room decor seems to be the smart solution to getting a happy home that mirrors your true personality. A warm, cozy home is the perfect space for you to unwind at the end of the day, as you seek leisure time after a long, tiresome day at work. While a well-decorated living room can instantly help you relax and forget your worries for a few hours, it becomes even more alluring if you can transform the private space into an amazing home theater!

Truth be told, turning your modern living room (or, you can even use the downstairs basement, a spare bedroom, and the like) into a home, theatre is not a Herculean task and you too can make your dream come true as a homeowner. Your home is like a peaceful retreat where you chill out, entertain guests and make wonderful memories. If you happen to be a movie buff, then a home theater will instantly perk up your mood as you stream your all-time favorite film with some yummy homemade snacks or perhaps, order takeout for a special movie night. If you consider the usual decor ideas for an at-home movie theater experience, investing in a comfortable recliner, thick dark-colored curtains, a large-sized TV (some even opt for a projector screen) and dim lighting will take center stage. But the highest priority is darkening the selected room so that there is no disruption from light exposure as you tune into your favorite movie.

Decor Ideas For Installing A Home Theater In Your Living Space

If you have been postponing plans to set up a home theater inside your house fearing the availability of free space, then you need to be aware of the fact that even a small studio apartment can be transformed into a fun-filled home theater by employing a healthy dose of creativity. By investing in smart window treatments, you easily create a cool, dark atmosphere that will make for the ideal home theater environment inside your comfort zone!

  1. A Smart Projector/ Retractable Screen

A tiny space can pick up the cool vibes of an at-home theater experience if you choose to invest in a smart projector or retractable screen, which will change a regular wall into a huge screen for an amazing cinematic experience! The projector will not block any wall space as it is usually mounted to the ceiling and rolled up and down as needed.

  1. A Comfy Lounge Area

A lounge area is just what will spark your excitement as you sink into the softness of the couch for a professional movie hall-like experience and simultaneously add more character to your room. The modish style and bright-colored upholstery will right away impart a strong personality to the lounge area while maintaining its original functionality. You can include a coffee table along with vibrant floor cushions to jazz up the lounge space, keeping in mind that comfort is the key!

  1. Dim Lighting

A soothing ambiance is your priority when it comes to creating your own home theater arena and diffused lighting will do the trick. However, the essential thing to remember is that bright lights can reflect on your television and interrupt the cinematic experience and at the same time, very low lighting will hamper your vision and you might make a mess as you reach out for the snacks platter! An elegant floor lamp with an alluring fabric shade will serve your purpose of permeating a warm glow to let you relax and refresh yourself with a movie marathon.

  1. Window Treatments To Block Light

The perfect setup for a home theater will eliminate light from outside to create a dark atmosphere similar to the movie halls. Investing in floor-length drapes, Roman shades with a blackout liner, blackout fabric roller shades, pleated shades, or bamboo-woven wood shades with darkening liners to block out external light is always a wise option.

  1. Classic Recliner

A cozy, old-style recliner or the classic home theater couch in a simplistic design is a crucial element when it comes to setting up your own home theater. Many would prefer to cut down on occupying unnecessary space by buying a sleek, recliner accent chair that can be teamed up with a traditional couch. When you are dealing with a small-sized living space, a small sofa can work well when paired with a lounger sofa to fabricate a sectional identity to incorporate all the components of a home theater. Depending on the room layout, a cushioned ottoman or a tufted chair will attract the attention of guests as you invite them over for an enjoyable evening tuning in to the amazing home theater!

  1. Acoustic Panels And Surround Sound System

A hi-tech sound system will take the at-home theater experience to a whole new level and you can boost the audio quality by installing acoustic panels to diminish echo. The surround sound speakers and floor-standing tower speakers will make sure that the sound will reverberate at you from different angles.

  1. Wall Theater Entertainment Center

If you have an open-space layout, investing in a wall theater entertainment center will transform your room into a personal movie theater by adding the perfect frame to your TV. You can further add a personality to the wall unit by decorating it with extra elements like books, showpieces, family portraits, and more.

Your living space might include arched windows that instantly add a dash of sophistication to the interior decor. However, it might be a difficult task to properly cover the arched windows owing to their unique structure. Keeping in mind our primary need to darken the particular room and set up the perfect at-home theater, investing in attractive cellular shades might serve the dual purpose of sealing up the light while beautifying your decor. You can browse through a myriad of window treatment for arched windows that can beautify the arched windows while trapping the light and heat from gradually entering the room. We suggest you check out the popular light-filtering variants in cellular blinds, which include anti-static and dust-repellent characteristics fitted with blackout polyester fabric that is relatively easier to clean. Blackout cellular shades can be an excellent choice for covering arched windows while custom-made blinds can regulate the light exposure for the home theater.