How to Start a Photography BusinessHow to Start a Photography Business

Somewhere between snapping selfies for Instagram and being your best friend’s wedding photographer, you realized that you were pretty good at photography and wonder if this could be a passion that could lead to success. In fact, your skills are so good that you decided to set up a home photography business. Being able to do what you love for a living is a luxury, having to no longer work for anyone but yourself. However, there are a few things you need to do prior to landing your first photography client.

Define Your Niche

Before setting up shop, you should explore other types of photography. That’s not to say you can’t get started with what you already enjoy shooting, however, you also don’t want to limit yourself to just one niche. If you love wedding photography, then you may also enjoy taking lifestyle photos as well. If you're looking to expand your portfolio, you might be interested in exploring the following types of photography:

· Maternity

· Newborn

· Fashion

· Food

· Products

This again depends on what you enjoy shooting. Don't feel like you have to offer cover every niche. Specialize in what you enjoy the most and what you know you are good at.

Consumer or Business

After deciding your photography niches, it's time to decide whether you want to work with businesses or with consumers. Some freelance photographers prefer to work with businesses as opposed to consumers. Others, prefer a more personalized experience and only with in the B2C sector. You also need to decide whether you're going to work from home exclusively or shoot on location. Most photographers have a setup at home and the proper equipment to take pictures on site as well. If you already have a studio at home, then you only need to focus on equipment for location shoots.

If you're just getting started, you're going to need money to buy a high-quality camera, in addition to the equipment needed to design your home studio. Since this is where most people run into financial trouble, you can always apply for online personal loans. You can apply at your local bank or through a private lender. Both options offer viable solutions, however, when you work with a private lender, your interest is usually lower and the terms of the loan are also better.

Brand Yourself

Even if you only have a handful of clients, you still need to start branding yourself. Create a digital portfolio where you can showcase your work, explain how you captured the essence of the shot. If you've shot different types of photography already, you can organize that so your photos are broken down by niche. You can also create a website where you house your portfolio, along with your pricing and something about yourself. Even name-brand businesses want to know more about the person they're hiring, so make sure your about me page captures your personality. Also, don't forget to ask any previous clients for reviews that you can also use on your website to build credibility.