How To Move To Contactless Storage In The PandemicHow To Move To Contactless Storage In The Pandemic

One of the most enduring effects of the pandemic for businesses has been the need to minimize in-person contact among customers and clients. The storage business has also had to adjust. Owners have had to find creative ways to adapt to contactless storage solutions. The key is to find areas of the business where you can eliminate in-person exchanges. Technology can play a huge role in making these adjustments. Coupled with come creativity and innovation, the transition can actually be a relatively painless one.

One of the first ways to transition is to allow contactless payment methods such as cheques, money-orders, phone-payments or even online payments. It may take some adjustments on your part to outfit your business to accept all these forms of payments. The important thing is that you offer as many of these options as possible to your customers to eliminate their need for coming in. This is one of the first ways to consider because once you have this option out of the way, you don’t have to worry about how you are going to get your revenue in.

If you normally have clients come in to review their contracts, this is something you can move online or over the phone. It will still allow you to build some sort of rapport with them and will save them the hassle. This is actually one change you might find you actually want to keep post-pandemic. There are options for sending and receiving contracts online that you can explore.

At some point in time, the customer will need to have their storage unit. This process can also be adapted for the pandemic. For instance, where you would show customers around and how to access their unit if they are renting a storage space, you can send them maps to the facility with their unit highlighted and with any codes they may need to get access.

The more procedures you move online, the more transparent you will want to be about your policies for schedule changes, cancellations, and refunds. Make sure this information is clear on your website and that clarity is given each time you talk to your customers.

For any procedure that will involve any form of contact, sanitize consistently. Make sure you wipe down items and boxes before moving. Also, ensure that you provide your moving crew with hand-washing supplies and sanitizer.

Moving towards providing contactless storage is not a stretch. In fact, you might even find it possible to move your entire business entirely online and turn it into an e-storage option.

You may find post-pandemic that the changes you made resulted in growing profits and revenue. After all, contactless options are more conducive to maintaining a low overhead costs. While the effects of the pandemic linger, customers will also be searching for businesses that offer no contact or contactless options. Say for instance your business builds a reputation for offering services with the best portable storage pods, your next unique selling position could be that you also offer the best seamless contactless storage option. During the pandemic is the best time to build that reputation.